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How to Make Wrap Bracelets with Illustrated Tutorial

Leather wrap bracelets is a trending favorite to spice up a boho outfit or rock out to a head-banging concert or add to a casual outing with your girlfriends. Wrap bracelets are a must-have for 2016. We will show you how to make wrap bracelets with illustrated tutorial that you can download.

They may look difficult to make, but after a few attempts, they are honestly easy to make. We will show you a tutorial on how to make these bracelets using one-hole beads and super duo beads, as well as a few tips and tricks to help you make these wrap bracelets.


The basic components you need for these bracelets are:

  1. Button findings: which will act as your clasp. Button Ends will work well, also.
  2. Leather or cotton round cord: these could range from 1mm to 2mm or larger, depending your preference and on the size of beads you are going to use. The length of cord needed for your bracelet will be determined below.
  3. Thread: you can match the thread to your leather cord to hide the look or to add color. Check out some Beading Thread options but keep in mind that you will need a thin enough thread to go through the hole of your beads twice.
  4. Beading Needle: size will be according to your thread and bead’s hole size.
  5. Adhesive: Hypo-Cement with precision tip, is a good choice to glue thread ends or any fast-drying glue will do.
  6. Beads: use your preference of beads or seed beads. Have enough if you plan to have a multi-wrap bracelet.


Determine leather length needed for a wrap bracelet

Use this method to determine the leather cord length you may need for a multi-wrap bracelet.

Take your wrist length and double the length. Multiply that by the number of wraps you want and then add 12”. That will give you an approximate cord length you will need to start your bracelet. (The extra 12” factors in the button knot, end knot(s) and bead size.)


2 wraps for an 8.5” bracelet: (8.5” x2) x 2 wraps = 34 + 12 = 46” needed.


4 wraps for a 7.5” bracelet: (7.5” x2) x 4 wraps = 60 + 12 = 72” needed.

Keep in mind, these total numbers are approximate. You will want to test the wrap length while you’re making your bracelet. Having extra length is better than being short on your wrapped length goal.


Basic Leather Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

The basic weaving of the thread will be going under the leather cords and then coming over leather cords. | Blog: How to make a Wrap Bracelet w/ illustrated tutorial- wrap bracelet threading tutorial steps


Click HERE to view an illustrated pdf tutorial on how to make these Wrap Bracelets. You can also save/download this pdf file.


Czech SuperDuo Leather Wrap Bracelet Tutorial | Blog: How to make a Super Duo Seed Bead and Leather Wrap Bracelet
Designed by So Vang


With Czech SuperDuo seed beads, you will be layering the bead holes to create a layer sequence. Below is a tutorial on how to make this SuperDuo wrap around bracelet.

Click HERE to view the super duo bead wrap bracelet pdf tutorial and to download illustrated pdf tutorial.


Example Wrap Bracelets

Here are some of our inspired wrap bracelets. | Blog: How to make Wrap Bracelets with Illustrated Tutorials - Single Wrap Bracelet

This is a simple one-wrap bracelet. Think about using a different thread color than your leather cord color for a mix of colors. | Blog: How to make Wrap Bracelets with Illustrated Tutorials - Faceted And Gold Nugget Wrap Bracelet

Use more than one bead on each layer for more embellishment options. | Blog: How to make Wrap Bracelets with Illustrated Tutorials - Pink and Pearl Wrap Bracelet

Make a bracelet with multiple combinations of beads to create a fun layered look. | Blog: How to make Wrap Bracelets with Illustrated Tutorials - Super Duo Wrap Bracelet

These SuperDuo beads look like tiny stone pebbles, don’t you think? Try a SuperDuo mix set for a colorful bracelet or create a zigzag pattern. What will you try?


Other Tips

How to add on additional thread: Tie thread to closest leather cord and glue with Hypo Cement or fast-drying glue. Cut off excess. Tie new thread to leather cord, glue knot and continue.

How to hold leather strands: An alternative to holding the leather strands, for stability when adding beads, is to clamp the button to a clipboard.

How to straighten leather cords: While you are stringing on beads, adjust previous beads with fingers to straighten out leather cords. Or when you have reached your desired bracelet length, lay the bracelet down and run your hand across your bracelet. This will help to smoothen and straighten your leather cords.

How to tighten threads/bead layers: If you find that your thread does not keep your bead(s) sandwiched in place or the bead sits loosely, sew up and under the cords and through the bead again. Over and down through the bead. Sewing through the bead twice on the leather cords will give your beads a tighter hold.

Tighten leather knots: If your leather cord knots are loosening, add a small dab of fast-drying glue or Hypo-Cement to knot(s) for tighter holds.

How to make an adjustable bracelet: Make additional knotted ends for an adjustable bracelet. | Blog: How to Make Wrap Bracelets - Make additional knots for an adjustable wrap bracelet.

Single Wrap Bracelet

  • (1) Z005069 – 2mm Emerald Green Leather Cord
  • TCZ0194 – 17mm Flower Button
  • A006596 – Brown Beading Thread
  • GS00490 –6mm Blue Dyed Impression Jasper
  • A018854 – Gold Eye Beading Needles


Faceted and Gold Nugget wrap bracelet

  • (1) A020532 – 1mm White Leather Cord
  • BT00038 – 12.5mm Gold Circles Button
  • A020510 – 4mm Gold Hematite Rondelle Bead
  • GS00414 – 6mm Faceted Blue, Red & Brown Tiger Eye Gemstone
  • A006587 – 6lb Crystal Fireline Thread
  • A018854 – Gold Eye Beading Needles


Pink and Pearl Wrap Bracelet

  • TC01262 – 15mm Brass Round Radiant Button
  • A016808 – 8mm Pink AB Round Chinese Crystal Glass
  • PR00284 – 8mm Preciosa Round Cream Rose Pearl
  • Z001553 – 8mm Czech Fire Polish Shiny Gold Beads
  • A019038 – 2mm Dark Pink Economy Leather Cord
  • A006587 – 6lb Crystal Fireline Thread
  • A018854 – Gold Eye Beading Needles


Arianna Caribe SuperDuo Wrap Bracelet

  • (1) A020113 – 1mm Natural Red Brown Leather Cord
  • TC01263 – 15mm Antique Pewter Round Radiant Button
  • SB02239 – Turquoise Blue Picasso Super Duo
  • A006596 – Brown Beading Thread
  • A018854 – Gold Eye Beading Needles

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  1. Thanks so much for this info! I am a newbie to jewelry making and I have wanted to give this a try but had no idea what beading thread etc to use. I really love the samples and cannot wait to give this a try! Also thanx for the links to make shopping faster and easier and the 20% off is a real plus! 🙂

    1. You’re welcome! We are always out to inspire all levels of jewelry makers. We loved making these Wrap Bracelets because they required minimal items/tools. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks so much,

    Great tutorial you put a little of everything that’s nice. Chez super duo is really nice I love leather wrap bracelet there so versitile.

    1. Hello Jill. Thanks for stopping by. The Czech Super Duo really turned out nice. Even though I only made a single wrap bracelet, it was quick and easy that I thought I should’ve done more wraps when I was finished! I hope you have fun making some!

  3. I appreciate the easy step by step instructions here at goody beads as there always complete enough to help the beginner who like me who has not beaded since back in the late 1970’s. I found out about your site through a purchase of a brand new kit at an Estate sale. So happy I found your site. Appreciate your hard work and please continue to bring easy instructions for beautiful patterns to the back to beading artist like myself. Thank you!

    1. Hello Rita and welcome back to the world of beading! We are glad you were able to find us and find your way back to beading. Our instructions are always to help every kind of beaders who stops by. If you have any questions about the instructions or have any ideas of your own, please do let us know. Again, thank you for stopping by and Happy Beading!

  4. Thanks for these instructions. I always love learning a new design. Not to be picky – but wouldn’t the amount of leather needed for the 8.5″ bracelet in your above example be 46 inches? 63″ would be the length required for 3 wraps according to the formula. For 2 wraps – – 8.5 x 2 = 17, 17 x2 =34″ then add 12″ = 46inches. Or did I miss something? Can’t wait to try it!

    1. Yes! My math is certainly not correct here. It is 46! Thank you for the calculations. Let us know how your designs turn out on our facebook page. Thanks!

  5. I like these bracelets, I am going to try make a necklace. Hoping I only need to shorten the top piece of leather and possibly angling the beads, possible the SuperDuos.

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