GoodyBeads | Blog: How to Use Pinch Bails with Swarovski crystal pendants

How to Use Pinch Bails with Swarovski® Pendants

Pinch bails are used for top-drilled beads to create a dangle for necklace or earrings. They are easy to use and functional for jewelry-making.


GoodyBeads | Blog: Detail look at how to use a pinch bail with Swarovski top-drilled pendants.

Pinch bails have two prongs at the bottom which will insert into the hole of your top drilled bead. Wedge one prong to one side of your bead, line up the other prong to the other side of the hole and pinch the prongs together. If the pinch bail is difficult to pinch, use nylon pliers to help squeeze the bail. String through the bail with your choice of chain or our favorite, beaded chain.

Here are some examples of how we used pinch bails:

GoodyBeads | Blog: Cross Tribe Pendant with pinch bail on beaded chain.

This Cross Tribe Pendant has a simple TierraCast® pinch bail strung on 30” of beaded chain.

Products used: SW01522, TC02316, CH00271.


GoodyBeads | Blog: Hammered Ring with pinch bail and Swarovski sun pendant with gold chain and findings.

Here’s a different take on how we used the pinch bail. Gently open the pinch bail and slide a TierraCast Hammertone Ring onto the bail. Then, slide the pinch bail prongs into the top-drilled, Swarovski Sun Pendant’s holes. Gently pinch the bail to close. Lastly, tie your chain into a lark’s head knot around the ring and add your clasp to your chain ends..

Products used: SW01107, A010862, CH00532, TC00613, A008801, Z006530


GoodyBeads | Blog: Pinch bail with pear-shaped Swarovski on ear wire.

Create some lovely earrings like these from our December ’15 Swarovski pendant trend. Attach pinch bails to 16mm Swarovski pear-shaped pendants. Open two 4mm jump rings, and slide each through one side of a pinch bail and the bottom loop of an ear wire. Close each jump ring. Repeat. You now have a very classy and simple pair of earrings to wear!

Products used: SW01593, A002413, TCZ0096, A007515.

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