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How to Use Crimp Covers

Crimp covers are used to conceal the crimp tubes you use in treasured jewelry designs. They not only hide the tubes, but they also prevent your jewelry piece from snagging on clothing and create an overall professional look. See our easy-to-follow instructions below to learn how to place crimp covers.


When you crimp to finish your jewelry piece, using crimp covers to hide your crimps will create an overall professional look. Check out our video below on how to first crimp your crimp tubes.


Crimp Covers

Crimp covers come in many different sizes, as well as crimp tubes. Depending on the size of your crimp tube, you will need a crimp cover large enough to encase the crimp tube. For instance, if you used a 3mm crimp tube, you will need a 4mm crimp cover. There is helpful information in the description of the crimp covers to help determine the best crimp tube size to use with. Note the highlighted information below.


Crimp Cover Tutorial

Once you have crimped your crimp tubes, you are ready to add your crimp covers. Here’s how to use crimp covers.



Samples of Jewelry Using Crimp Covers

GoodyBeads | Blog: Lampwork Bracelet using crimp covers.
Designed by Tory Vezina

This Glass Menagerie Bracelet from our lampwork jewelry blog uses crimp covers.


GoodyBeads | Blog: Pearl Necklace using crimp covers.
Designed by Tory Vezina

From our May 2015 Wedding Day Jewelry Trend, crimp covers help to finish this elegant pearl necklace.


GoodyBeads | Blog: Czech Bracelet using crimp covers.
Designed by Tory Vezina

And this Czech beaded bracelet with owl dangle uses crimp covers to create an extra design element next to the bronze seed beads.

4 thoughts on “How to Use Crimp Covers

    1. (1) Z014497 – 7mm Champagne Czech Rondelle
      (1) A021904 – 3mm Turquoise Bronze Picasso Czech Melon
      (1) Z003429 – Whiskey Brown Tassel
      (1) SB00084 – Metallic Dark Brown Seed Bead (But you can sub with a different seed bead, as you only need 4 seed bead)
      (1) A004830 – Crimp Tube
      (2) TC01899 – 3mm Crimp Cover
      (1) Z014775 – 18mm Antique Brass Revolving Hook Clasp
      (1) TC00551 – 19mm Brass Hammertone Ring
      (1) FTBW0001 – Fine Flex Beading Wire
      (1) A001528 – 5mm Jump Ring
      (1) A019697 – 2 Inch Headpin with Ball Top
      (1) A021829 – Purple Greenstone Finish Owl Czech

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