Two-Hole Beads Trend with Pattern Tutorial

One of our October 2017 Trend is all about two-hole beads and we love the versatility it brings to bead stitching. Check out what we made with SuperDuos, DiamonDuos, Honeycomb beads, and Tango. Plus, two BRAND NEW patterns for you to try out, created from our designer So Vang.


SuperDuo Fan Earrings

GoodyBeads | Blog: Two Hole Beads - SuperDuo Fan Earrings with FREE Tutorial

SuperDuos are certainly a must-have when square stitching. These SuperDuo Fan Earrings takes minutes to make and think of all the different color combinations you can use. Get your downloadable Pattern Tutorial here.


Honeycomb Tube Necklace

GoodyBeads | Blog: Two Hole Beads - Honeycomb Tube Necklace with FREE Tutorial

You’ve seen So use Czech Honeycomb in many of her designs. Here is an easy downloadable pattern you can follow. Use this pattern to make a focal necklace piece, add this tube on a bead pen or make earring by sliding it on a headpin, sandwiched between bicone crystals. What will you make?


Honeycomb Jewel and DiamonDuo Bracelet

GoodyBeads | Blog: Two Hole Beads - Honeycomb Jewel Bracelet with FREE Tutorial

You’ve seen this popular bracelet before in our Czech Honeycomb Jewel Bead blog post. Check this blog post and learn how to make this bracelet with our other two-hole favorites: Honeycomb and DiamonDuo.


Tango Bead Ring

GoodyBeads | Blog: Two Hole Beads - Tango Ring with FREE tutorial

One of our favorites from past blog posts is this Tango Bead Ring. Make sure to check our Grooving with Czech Tango Beads blog post for this pattern and learn about Tango beads.

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    1. There will be a “Downloadable Pattern” below its image. You can access the two patterns HERE and HERE. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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