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Tassel Jewelry

A hot trend this summer are tassels. We have three fun inspirational tassel jewelry projects for you to enjoy at your next music festival or relaxing under the shade by the beach.

Mala Meditate Necklace

Goody Beads Blog | Mala Meditate Necklace

Mala is a strand of counting beads used in Hindu or Buddhist practice for praying or reciting a mantra to aid concentration during meditation. A typical mala is made with 108 beads that are strung with a knot tied in between each bead. Depending on the type of chant, counts of strung beads may vary. It is said that with each knot, people recite a mantra to bless the beads. The strand is also accompanied with a larger bead named the “Guru” bead and a tassel.

For our Mala necklace, we used 8mm round gemstone beads for a 42” necklace. Using a sturdy Super-Lon bead cord, cut a piece of cord about 150″ and make a knot 6″ in. This will help stop the end bead from falling off. String on your first bead and make a knot (using a pliers or tweezers if needed) flush to the bead to keep it in place. Repeat until you’ve strung and knotted all 108 beads.

Now take both cord ends and tie together. At these two ends, you will string on your Guru bead and tassel.

We made our tassel portion by using a large rust suede leather tassel. Insert a 3” eyepin from the middle-bottom of the tassel up. Slip on a 10mm tulip end cap to cover the top of the tassel. Wrap the headpin and your tassel is ready. (see images below)

Goody Beads Blog | Mala Meditate Necklace Tassel Tutorial

Now take the two tied ends, string on the 12mm wood bead and place the tired ends through the tassel wire loop. Bring the strings back through the bottom of the wood bead and make a knot or two. Secure it with some clear adhesive like GS Hypo Cement. Cut the ends and you are ready to meditate or wear your Mala as a fashion accessory.

FYI: All “Trunk Show” gemstones are a limited time only item, so shop now before they are gone. You can always substitute mala beads for other round gemstones or natural beads.

Beaded Tassel Earrings

Goody Beads Blog | Beaded Tassel Earrings

For these Beaded Tassel Earrings, we used our brand new Tassel Maker from Beadalon®. You can find a tutorial of how to make tassels HERE. We took Super-Lon bead cord and made 25 loops to make the tassel. Attach an eyepin to the top of the tassel and slip on a cone bead cap and a 4mm round bead. Make a simple wire loop and attach to earring hooks.

If you find that some of your tassel ends have kinks, twists or curls, dampen with water, twist and pull them straight. After a few seconds when dried, you will find them straightened out. Taking about a third or half of the tassel ends, string 10 beads to each strand and knot the end. We recommend using an already-mixed, size 8 seed bead for a fun colorful look. Cut the remaining, unstrung tassel ends at a variety of shorter lengths to blend into the rest of the beaded tassels. Now you are ready to rock these earrings at your next music festival!

Wood Tassel Bracelets

Goody Bead Blog | Wood Tassel Bracelet

One of our easier projects is our Wood Tassel Bracelets. Make these quick and easy bracelets to show your love of tassels. For each bracelets, we used different round wood beads in a sequential design along with a tassel, strung on elastic. Make sure to stretch the elastic string lightly to loosen the elasticity before stringing on beads. Also, after knotting the elastic, use GS Hypo Cement to secure your knot.

Malas Meditate Necklace

  • A012991 – Super-lon Cord (Maroon color)
  • (108) TS00063 – 8mm Fossil Coral Round Bead
  • (1) NBWB0003 – 16mm Wood Bead
  • (1) A018886 – Tulip End
  • (1) A003255 – 3 Inch Eyepin
  • (1) Z008825 – Large Rust Suede Leather Tassel
  • Tool: A007224 – GS Hypo Cement
  • Optional Tool: A013730 – Bent Chain Nose Pliers

Beaded Tassel Earring

  • SB01054 – Size 8 Honey Butter Mix Seed Bead
  • A012991 – Super-lon Cord (Maroon color)
  • (2) A021484 – Bali Etched Cone
  • (2) Z001480 – Antique Gold-Plated Round Bead
  • (1 pair) A008998 – French Wire Earrings
  • (2) A001495 – 2 Inch Eyepin
  • Tool: TL00230 – Tassel Maker Tool

Wood Tassel Bracelet

  • (1) Z002653 – Red Tassel
  • (1) Z003429 – Brown Tassel
  • (3) NBWB0003 – 16mm Wood Bead
  • (8) A002425 – Rondelle Wood Bead
  • (26) Z004978 – Red, Black, and Brown Round Wood Bead
  • (14) Z002802 – Ivory Round Wood Bead
  • (4) A004268 – Dot Design Wood Bead
  • A002290 – .7mm Stretch Elastic Cord
  • Tool: A007224 – GS Hypo Cement


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