GoodyBeads | Blog: Informational videos about Soft Flex beading wire basics.

Soft Flex Beading Wire Basics with Informational Videos

Learn about Soft Flex beading wire and how to choose the right one for your project with these informational videos from Soft Flex Company.


Beading Basics with Soft Flex Company

Here is an informational video on the basics of the kinds of beading wire that Soft Flex Company produces.


Choosing the Right Diameter of Soft Flex Beading Wire

Learn to determine the correct diameter of beading wire to best suit your next beading project.


Choosing the Right Brand of Soft Flex

Once you’ve determined your beading wire diameter, learn about the different types of beading wire, what they are made of and how each can be used. Plus, learn how to read the information that is provided on the label of Soft Flex beading wire.

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