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Personalized Glass Tile Charms

by Kristal Wick
Customized purse charms and accessories have been on trend for many moons and for good reason! They’re darling reminders of what we carry near and dear to our hearts from kitties to cupcakes. Designs are all up to your own imagination and creativity.

Nylah Glass Tiles


Here at GoodyBeads, we love our kids and pets (they’re kind of the same thing to many of us) so we’ve come up with some super easy instructions for making your own personalized glass tile charms for purse charms, pendants and rings, with the cutest models Nylah, Sparkle and Bling (we realize we’re slightly biased but you have to admit, they are adorable)! Embellish a chain with Swarovski pearls, TierraCast® charms and other “Goodys” and you’ve created a masterpiece.

Bling and Sparkle Glass Tiles

Photo-Tiles_DogNylah is Carlee’s — our Graphics Designers’ – four-year-old daughter. Sparkle and Bling are my rescue pups who pose for treats any time — day or night! Whether you’re making these customized glass tiles for yourself, grandma or a BFF, let your creative juices flow when in design mode. They make great custom holiday and birthday gifts, wedding party jewelry and school picture memorabilia pieces – for just a few ideas.

Nylah, Sparkle and Bling Tiles

(1) A013854 – 35mm Large Circle Glass Tile (Nylah tile)

(1) A013863 – 35mm Large Square Glass Tile (Sparkle and Bling tile)

(1) A013850 – 23mm Small Square Glass Tile (Nylah tile and Bling ring)

(1) A013856 – 23mm Oval Dome Cabochon Glass Tile (Nylah ring tile)

(1) Z010105 – 20mm Adjustable Silver-Plated Flat Ring with Glue Pad (Nylah ring)

(1) A015180 – 12mm Adjustable Silver-Plated Ring with Glue Pad (Nylah ring)

(1) A013884– Black Velour Paper

(1) A013610 – 2 oz Diamond Glaze

(1) A011455 – E-6000

Paint Brush
Sharpie Oil-Based Metallic Markers

Assorted images printed on an ink jet printer

Steps for a Custom Glass Tile

1. Size and print out your images on a laser printer (the ink from ink jet printers tends to run).
2. Cut out your image(s) to fit a specific glass tile, making sure the image is a tad smaller than the tile itself.
3. Using a soft paint brush, apply a light coat of Diamond Glaze to the back of a tile.
4. Carefully press the colored side of the image to the Diamond Glaze and press out any bubbles or air pockets.
5. When dry, color the edges of the tile with a metallic oil-based Sharpie maker (we used silver and gold in our samples). Let dry.

For a Pendant

6. Trace your tile onto the back of a sheet of Velour Paper and cut out. Apply the Velour Paper to the back of the tile using E6000 and let dry.
7. Attach the pendant finding to the back of the pendant using E6000 and let dry.

For a Ring

6. Color the back of the tile with the Sharpie pen and let dry. Then attach to ring back using E6000 and let dry.


8 thoughts on “Personalized Glass Tile Charms

  1. Personalized purse charms are a fantastic way to give someone special a little bling this holiday season!! I love the quick examples on what can be used, however I would love to see a tutorial on one of the bead cafe episodes! I love the Bead Cafe!!! Where can I buy a mug?

    1. Hey there Marisol,
      Glad you like our blingy purse charms! We’ll take your suggestion on supplying a tutorial and offering mugs to the decision makers.
      Thanks for your suggestions and Happy Beading!

  2. I’m very interested in making some of these but my printer is an inkjet. Is it possible to use things printed on an inkjet rather than a laser? Any suggestions? Thank you for this post. It looks like a lot of fun!

    1. So glad you like this post and are excited to make the project. They are so much fun to make! Unfortunately, the ink used from an ink jet printer runs when it get moist so it’s ruined when you apply the Diamond Glaze. That is why we recommend using only laser jet images. You could always give it a try to see if it works but we haven’t had any success.
      Good Luck!

  3. I’m wondering how it will look if I make such glass tiles with photo’s of my kids and use it to make a mosaic tray for my mother-in-law for Christmas.. Hmm. I guess I’ll have to try it and see how it goes. Thanks for the tutorial!

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