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Mother’s Day Lockets – Easy DIY

Mother’s Day is approaching and what better way to say thanks to our mothers by customizing a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day locket. We have two easy DIY locket gift ideas for the loving mothers, special aunts, and caring grandmothers in your lives.


Charmed Locket | Blog: Mothers Day Floating Charm Locket

Lockets and floating charms are an easy gift to make for Mother’s Day. Choose your glass locket and fill it with floating charms and mementos. Here, we have filled our pink locket with a brass heart stamping blank and three floating charms.


Picture Love Locket | Blog: Mothers Day Picture Love Locket

Tell her that you love her with this love locket with a picture inside, so that she can wear it close to her heart. We filled this LOVE locket with a ½” gold-plated blank and used stamping tools to stamp MOM along with two small hearts. We then sized a photo down to fit inside a ½” circle. Glue both pieces inside the locket and add a necklace. This heart-filled necklace is ready for a box and bow for Mother’s Day. | Blog: Picture Locket Tutorial

Charmed Locket

(1) Z007505 – 30 Inch Rhodium Necklace

(1) Z006118 – 30mm Round Pink Glass Locket

(1) Z003779 – 16mm Heart Stamping Blank

(1) A020560 – MOM Heart Floating Charm

(1) A020583 – Round White Opal Floating Charm

(1) Z011743 – Pink Enamel Flower Floating Charm


Picture Love Locket

(1) A015258 – 23mm Round Love Pewter Locket

(1) A011799 – ½ Inch Circle Stamping Blank

(1) Z004116 – 18” Sterling Silver Chain Necklace

TL00123 – Bridgette Letter Stamping Set


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  1. I am very much interested to shop by you ,and to learn the round 5 mm bracelet. Every time i tried to place a order ,i had a wrong address . Please show me how to order,and DIY the 5 mm leather bracelet.
    I leave in Costa Rica,but my mailing address is Miami. Thank you in advance . Cocol Arbab

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