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Memory Wire Leather Wrap Bracelets

A fun new trend is memory wire leather wrap bracelets. They are easy to pair with your casual outfits, easy to slip-on on your way out the door, and definitely easy to make.

Memory wire leather wrap bracelets are easy to make and require only three components: leather cord, memory wire, and end/bead caps. The best type of leather cord to use for these bracelets has a hollow inner tube or has a hollow center, such as our braided leather and cork cord. The great thing about using memory wire with leather cord is that the bracelet will retain its round shape through many wears. For a clean look, cap off your leather bracelets with bead caps and end caps. You can also add extra character, color and movement to a bracelet with beads, spacers and/or charms.


Memory Wire and Leather Bracelet Tutorial

GoodyBeads | Blog: How to make a memory wire leather bracelet


Memory Wire Tips

  • When making your wrap leather bracelet, don’t cut the memory wire before adding your bracelet components. First, slip all beads, leather pieces, and caps onto the loops of memory wire. Then you can see how the whole bracelet will look and still have a chance to make changes.
  • Use Memory Wire Cutters to cut the memory wire, as regular cutters may not be strong enough to cut through the wire.
  • Use Memory Wire Finishing Pliers to create a simple loop when using an end cap with a hole. These pliers can withstand the toughness of the memory wires. Learn how to make a simple loop on our blog.


Scarlet Willow Memory Wire Leather Bracelet:

GoodyBeads | Blog: Scarlet Willow Memory Wire Leather Wrap Bracelet


What you will need:

  • WR00120 – Large Silver Heavy Duty Memory Wire
  • (16-18″) CH00159 – 5mm Braided Red Round Leather Cord
  • (2) A021678 – End Cap
  • A015821 – Super New Glue
  • TL00206 – Memory Wire Shears

Teal Braided Wrap Bracelet: Blog | Teal Braided Wrap Bracelet
Designed by Tory Vezina

What you will need:

  • WR00109 – Silver Memory Wire
  • (8) CH00660 – 5mm Pale Turquoise Braid Cord
  • (2) A010436 – 6mm Barrel End Cap
  • (2) A002413 – 4mm Jump Rings
  • (1) TC00082 – Made with Love Charm
  • (1) TC00464 – Lotus Flower Charm
  1. Cut cord at about 7-8 inches or to your wrist preference.
  2. Feed the Memory Wire through the inside of the leather until you’ve reached the end of leather.
  3. Cut the wire flush to the end of the leather. Adhere end cap and leather ends together with Super New Glue.
  4. Open a jump ring, slide on charms and loop end of your end cap. Close jump ring.


Morocco Mint Memory Wire Bracelet Blog | Morocco Mint Memory Wire Bracelet
Designed by So Vang

For this bracelet, we broke up the leather into two pieces and used Czech beads and flat spacers to accent the middle portion of this bracelet. We added drop charms to each ends for extra movement.

What you will need:

  • WR00109 – Silver Memory Wire
  • (8) CH00558 – 5mm Cream Cork Cord
  • (4) A015229 – Gold Smooth End Cap
  • (12) A018810 – 8mm Mint Picasso Czech Glass Beads
  • (11) Z001355 – 6mm Gold Steel Disc Beads
  • (2) A001550 – Copper Etch Oval Drops


  1. Make a simple loop at one end of your memory wire.
  2. Cut cork cord in half.
  3. Refer to image above to slide on the following cork cord, end caps and beads.
  4. Make another simple loop and cut excess wire.
  5. Open one side of the memory wire loop and slide two drop charms. Close loop.
  6. Repeat step 5 to other memory wire loop end. Blog | Memory Wire Leather Wrap Bracelet: Cap Tutorial


Pink and Pearly Wrap Bracelet Blog | Pink and Pearly Wrap Bracelet
Designed by So Vang

For this leather bracelet, instead of having beads in the middle, we added pearls to the ends of the bracelet for a for a pretty accent before finishing it off with a simple loop.

What you will need:

  • WR00109 – Silver Memory Wire
  • (8) CH00319 – 5mm Pink Twisted Leather Round Cord
  • (2) A021121 – 7mm Bali Deep Bead Cap
  • (2) PR00282 – 8mm White Pearl Bead
  • (2) PR00293 – 10mm White Pearl Bead


  1. Make a simple loop at one end of your memory wire.
  2. Pull out inner threading inside of the braided leather. Using chain nose pliers will also help this process.
  3. Slide on the following beads:
    Small pearl, larger pearl, end cap, leather cord, end cap, large pearl, smaller pearl.
  4. Make a simple loop at the end and cut excess wire with memory wire cutter.

Check out these inspirational GoodyBeads memory wire leather bracelets:


29 thoughts on “Memory Wire Leather Wrap Bracelets

    1. Hello Peggy. Thank you for your comments! We love our leather collection and glad you were inspired by our blog post. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Pamela! We are glad you were able to follow the instructions. We will definitely find new and different ways to showcase our popular leather collection and share them with you. Thanks.

    1. Hello Esther. That is an excellent way of thinking! I agree that using scrap leather would be great to just piece different kinds of leather together and still make a bracelet with memory wire. Love it!

  1. I bought the braided leather and cannot get the memory wire to go through it. Are there different thicknesses of memory wire?Any idea how to solve my dilemma?

    1. Hello Carol. To use the memory wire on the leather cord, the cord must have no inner core or has some sort of hollow core inside the leather cord. We can only guarantee that the ones we have mentioned on this Blog post and our Leather Wrap Bracelets Trends will have that inner core to make memory wire wrapped bracelets. Please take a look at your leather cord to see if it does have the necessary core. Thanks and let us know if you have any more questions!

      1. I bought the braided leather you sell, and when I couldn’t get the memory wire through, actually pulled out the inner core, which I think is plastic. I am still not having success. I will try your hints. I love the look.

  2. I am having a problem threading the memory wire through the leather to. I bought CH156 and has a tube. What is the secret to
    Threading the memory wire through the leather. Do you have to straighten the memory wire?
    Please advise.
    Carol Dickson

    1. Hello Carol. One tip to insert the memory wire into the braided leather is to curve the leather. While inserting the memory wire, you will find it ‘stuck.’ Just curve the leather mimicking the shape and diameter of your memory wire. Feed the memory wire slowly so it does not snag the inner core. Please let us know if that was helpful.

      1. I’m REALLY struggling with getting the wire through – I even purchased another piece of cork thinking maybe something was stuck in the tubing…..still no luck in getting it through – what am I missing? Besides my sore fingers, bent memory wire and frayed braided cork =)

        1. Hello Linda. What may help you when feeding the memory wire, is to loop your cork leather cord mimicking the loops of your memory wires while feeding the memory wire. Please let us know if you have any more questions.

  3. Are there directions to make the double cream cork bracelet with the beads in the middle of both like in the picture? It is pictured with brown leather bracelet. Thanks

    1. Hello Lori. I assume the double cream cork bracelet you are referring to is from the Leather Wrap July Trend? The concept is similar to the Mint and Cream Wrap bracelet on the blog. The only difference are the beads and the leather cord will be doubled the length or about 7.5 inches long for both ends. Let us know if you have anymore questions. Thank you!

  4. I am going to order some 5mm braided round leather and make some pretty bracelets. I’ve noticed that the diameters of the bead caps or end caps range from 5mm to 8mm. Will I need to do anything to accommodate using the larger diameter caps?

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Happy to hear you’re ready to make some pretty bracelets! I have found it works best if I fray the edges of the leather or cloth bracelet portion where you will be gluing the end cap onto and then glue. You want to try and fill the end cap reservoir with glue or the frayed edges so there’s not a lot of empty space.
      Good luck and have fun!

  5. Being born in Prague and loving everything that is made in the Czech Republic I am so glad that you use Czech beads absolutely love the bracelets

    1. Thank you ilonka! We love Czech beads also! We are adding new styles and shapes to our Czech bead collection. We can’t wait to make something with them.

  6. I am new to your website and I live the leather Bracelets that are shown on your website. I will be purchasing some to make these types of Bracelets. I’ve noticed several people mention their issues with threading the wire through the leather. I hope that I have some success with making my first leather wire bracelet. I will keep you posted once I receive my purchase.

    1. Welcome Louise! We are here if you have any questions about your first wire bracelet. Happy Beading!

    1. In our Hot Categories, we have a 5mm round leather section. You can click on the box “findings” on the left side navigation bar and you will find end caps. Also, when searching for certain size end caps for 6mm or 5mm, in the description it will either let you know that it will fit a 5mm round leather cord OR it will provide you with an inside diameter size.

    1. Hello Cheryl. You will use this tutorial image on how to finish the ends. There is a components list at the end of the blog to show you what you will need for this Morocco Mint Memory Wire bracelet. Please refer to the photo for the bead and leather sequence. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you.

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