Make Easy Knots with the EasyKnotter® Tool

Invented by Maureen “Reenie” Oliveto, the EasyKnotter® tool was created to help beaders make perfect knots in their beaded jewelry designs. Whether you plan to stagger knotted sections throughout your jewelry piece or want knots to sit closely next to beads, this easy-to-use tool allows you to make evenly-spaced, clean knots wherever you want. Learning how to use this fantastic tool is easy too and we’re here to show you how. Let’s get started!


Beading Thread

We will be using Griffin bead cord in our tutor­ial. We love the Griffin cord because of its 100% silk quality, the flexibility of the cord and it comes twisted with an attached needle. Silk cords come in many different sizes to accommodate the bead’s hole size. Size is very important when making knots. You want beads to fit snugly on the cord so that they don’t glide over the knot.

As the cord comes spooled around a card, you will need to prepare the silk for use by stretching and smoothing out dents and kinks. Check out this blog post we did on how to smooth out silk cords.


EasyKnotter® Tutorial : Blog - Making Knots with the EasyKnotter Tool Tutorial

Now that you know how to use The EasyKnotter®, see this cool technique in action. Check out this previous blog post featuring knotted jewelry designs.



  • Every EasyKnotter® tool comes with complete instructions for reference.
  • When making knots, pull the silk cord upwards after you’ve looped the knot on the peg of the tool. When you pull the cord in a perpendicular angle, it will create a closer knot when you lift it off the peg.
  • When you lift the knot up, use flat nose pliers to pull the knot closer to your bead clusters. Open your pliers slightly and wedge the cord closest to the knot. Do not clamp on the cord. Pull the knot towards you slowly to tighten the knot and help it sit close to your bead clusters.
  • Maureen Oliveto has a neat way to create a tighter and closer knot. Check out her video on how to.

  • To make evenly-spaced knots between your bead clusters, use the measurement lines on the tool. Proceed with making your loop knot and placing it on the metal peg. Hold the last knot you’ve made at your preferred measurement line. Pull on the cord end until tight and lift off. Pull on the cord to tighten and secure the knot. Proceed with adding beads and making your closed off knot.

14 thoughts on “Make Easy Knots with the EasyKnotter® Tool

  1. Wow. I mean, this totally makes sense, and definitely would make creating those tiny, specific knots so much easier – what an example of a great idea that is so … well, easy  Thanks for sharing! I’m going to check this out for sure.

    1. This EasyKnotter is best to use for creating evenly spaced knots and creating a close, flushed knot to your beads. If your heavy cord can make knots, I am sure this tool will work.

    2. Hi Gloria – this is Reenie the inventor of the Easy Knotter. You can use anything that knots. When you use a heavier cord what you need to do is put the previous knot at the measurement you want and then tug the cord snug up to the post. This way you are not adding any added stress to the leather or heavier cord. Thanks! If you need more info, let me know.

    1. Hello Barbara. The best way to update your email is to re-enter your email on the subscribe bar. Thank you.

  2. Looks like a fun way to create jewelry. I would like to purchase one. Thanks for being such a kind creator and charring your video.

    1. Hello Becky. We are sorry that we are currently out of stock of this item. For now, you can visit Reenie’s website HERE.

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