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Locket and Metal Stamping Necklace: Back to School

With school quickly approaching, you can hear teachers rustling papers and kids groaning. While prepping blank notebooks, unsharpened pencils, and crisp folders, you can certainly throw in some easy and fun metal stamping projects to celebrate back to school time. Blog | Back to School Locket

Here, we have made a simple Back-to-School theme glass locket with floating charms. It’s prefect for a parent dropping their kids off on their first day of school or school orientation. Blog | Adrianne Locket and Metal Stamp Back to School Necklace

Our friend Adrianne from Happy Hour Projects, made a similar necklace but added an easy metal stamping disc inside the locket. Intended as a teacher’s gift, Adrianne has a quick and easy tutorial to personalize the locket with metal stamping. (image source from Happy Hour Projects)

You can also show your school pride by personalizing a stamping blank with “2015” or “Wildcats.” Or add Swarovski crystals to your locket representing school colors. Whatever your choice, this locket and metal stamping project is a great way to celebrate learning and school memories! Check out our Back-to-School Metal Stamping Trend for more inspiring Back-to-School projects.

Locket One

  • (1) A019152 – 30mm Round Silver Glass Locket
  • (1) Z005241 – Cable Chain Necklace with Extender
  • (1) Z012824 – Red Apple Floating Charm
  • (1) Y004314 – Gold Star Floating Charm

Adrianne Locket

  • (1) A019152 – 30mm Round Silver Glass Locket
  • (1) A018597 – 3/4” Stamping Blank
  • (1) Y013843 – 28” Cable Chain
  • (1) Z012824 – Red Apple Floating Charm
  • (1) Y004314 – Gold Star Floating Charm
  • Tools:
    • A010618 – Stamp Straight Tape
    • A014415 – Bench Block
    • A010617 – Stamping Hammer
    • A010615 – Jeanie Metal Letters Stamping Set
    • Polishing Cloth/Pads
    • Sharpie
    • Jewelry pliers



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