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Jump Rings

Jump rings are an essential product to have when making jewelry. Jump rings are used to make connections to clasps, chain links, charms, and many more. We will show how jump rings have been used in various jewelry projects, and also teach you how to open a jump ring correctly.


How to Open a Jump Ring

What you will need:

Note: Jump rings should never be opened by pulling the sides of your jump rings apart.

Jump Ring Video Tutorial

Check out our video tutorial on how to open and close jump rings with Alisun and Kristal Wick.

Sample Uses of Jump Rings

Stampable Connector and Charms using Jump Rings.

In our April 2016 Trend, we featured stampable charms and connectors. Here we used jump rings to connect to other connector links, as well as chain link. When using a similar size of jump rings, you won’t even notice that jump rings were used to connect these pieces together.

Using Jump Rings to attach charms to expandable bracelets.

Adding charms to an expandable bracelet? Jump rings work great. Just make sure to use a large enough size to attach the charm to the bracelet like the example above.


Chain maille is a popular jewelry art. The combination of different sizes and colors of jump rings can make an intricate design that looks like a piece of art.


Even in our previous blog on How to Rivet, after we riveted a leather loop we used jump rings to connect the leather strands to a watch face or magnetic clasp. The brass jump rings were selected to match the color of the watch face and clasp, making the overall piece cohesive.

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