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How to Use Silk Ribbon in Jewelry

To encompass the trend of boho, we have pulled our wonderful stock of silk ribbon and ribbon mixes to show you how to use silk ribbon in jewelry. We will show you how to make an easy wrap memory wire bracelet with silk ribbon and silk ribbon tassel earrings. Plus, a seaside-inspired ribbon necklace designed by Kristal Wick.


Boho Silk Memory Wire Bracelet | Blog: How to Use Silk Ribbon in Jewelry - Tutorial on how to make this bracelet using memory wire and silk ribbon or a variation of fibers.
Designed by So Vang

This bracelet is perfect to wear on a beautiful summer day. We used the Hand Dyed Ribbon Mix, which has eight 2 yards of ribbon, yarn and fabric mix. When wrapped around memory wire, the colors and various fibers has a boho charm. You can finish off your bracelet with a tassel attached at the memory wire loop end or add charms scattered around the bracelet with jump rings. This memory wire ribbon wrap bracelet is easy to make and to pair with your everyday outfit. Just follow our easy instructions or DOWNLOAD our pdf tutorial.

What you will need are:


Silky Tassels | Blog: How to Use Silk Ribbon in Jewelry - Tutorial on how to make these silk ribbon tassel earrings.
Designed by So Vang

Use silk ribbon to make a trendy pair of tassel earrings.  Make some fun pair of earrings like what we have made here. OR create a longer tassel to use in a statement necklace.



Kristal Wick Ribbon Necklace | Blog: How to Use Silk Ribbon in Jewelry - Kristal Wick Ribbon Necklace
Designed by Kristal Wick

Here is a look at what Kristal Wick made using the mix ribbon fibers. She centered a porcelain pendant to her mix ribbon and made knots on both sides. She then made another knot next to those knots and added seashell and starfish charms with copper jump rings in between each knots. This necklace takes you to the beach without even being there!

Memory Wire Fiber Bracelet

  • (1) WR00109 – Large Silver Bracelet Memory Wire
  • (1) A017686 – Desert Sand Ribbon Mix
  • (1) WR00035 – 26 Gauge Bead Wire

Silky Tassels Earrings

  • (1) A021370 – Autumn Leaves Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon
  • (1) WR00033 – 22 Gauge Silver Plated Bead Wire
  • (2) A021484 – 21mm Silver Plated Bali Style Etched Pattern Cone
  • (2) Z001480 – 4mm Antiqued Gold-Plated Corrugated Round Beads
  • (1 Pr.) A008998 – Silver Base Metal French Wire Earrings

Kristal Wick Ribbon Necklace

  • (1) A017683 – Peacock Color Hand Dyed Ribbon Mix
  • (1) A007869 – 47.5x22mm Ocean Mist Shells Handmade Porcelain
  • (1) TC01179 – 24mm Antique Copper Spindle Shell Charm
  • (1) TC00582 – 20mm Antique Copper Starfish Charm
  • (2) Z012870 – 9mm Antique Copper Jump Ring



5 thoughts on “How to Use Silk Ribbon in Jewelry

  1. Wish you would explain how the seashell porcelain charm necklace is finished off at the back. Is it just tied?

  2. Could I make a headband using this technique but with larger memory wire? Does memory wire come in larger circumference big enough for a headband?

    1. Hello Sally. A headband is a great idea. You might want to try “Necklace Memory Wire” in the search bar. These necklace memory wire will have a diameter of 9cm to 13cm. Happy Beading!

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