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Grooving with Czech Tango Beads

Czech Tango Beads are a brand new bead introduced by BeadMaster USA. Tango beads are a two-hole, triangular, flat Czech glass bead, which pair perfectly with the Czech SuperDuo 2-hole seed beads or other seed beads, for more intricate and geometrical designs. Much like the popular dance, these tango beads can be weaved to turn different directions and mimic intricate shapes or patterns.


If you have done seed bead weaving, herringbone stitching, or peyote stitching, you will find that Tango beads can be a bit challenging to use, but the end results are beautifully-patterned jewelry. Designs with Tango beads can be as simple as creating an uncomplicated ring or as elaborate as designing a more intricate bracelet (see instructions for both below). These beads are fun to use and are definitely a must for your seed bead stash!

Tango Ring Blog TangoRing
To stitch this simple yet beautiful ring, I have used this BeadMaster USA pattern. It involves weaving a back and forth stitch – like peyote stitching – which is easy to do.

Tango Bracelet Blog TangoBracelet
I have to be honest, for a beginner bead-stitcher as myself, this was a challenging project. The BeadMaster USA pattern for this bracelet is very helpful and includes pictures that shows where the beading string is placed and how the beads are sequenced. Practice makes perfect and overall was happy with how it turned out and love, love, LOVE the colors.

Tools and Supplies:


Tango Ring:

  • (18) SB02803 – White Czech Tango Bead
  • (18) SB02763 – Lumi Purple Czech Tango Bead
  • (36) SB00039 – Gold-lined Miyuki Seed Bead – Size 8

Tango Bracelet:

  • (40) SB02803 – White Czech Tango Bead
  • (44) SB01424 – Turq. Brown Purple Super Duo Seed Bead
  • (76) SB00632 – Gilding Metal Seed Bead – Size 11
  • (4) A002413 – 4mm Jump Rings
  • (1) TC01871 – Rhodium Toggle Clasp

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