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GoodyBeads EZ DIY Series: How to Make a Resin Pendant

From our GoodyBeads vault, we pull out our EZ DIY Series on how to make a resin pendant. This tutorial will show you the basics of how to mix resin and to use resin with bezels.



Resin comes in two parts: a resin solution and a hardener solution. To utilize the resin, you will mix equal parts of the two. Only then will it cure or harden after 24 hours of sitting. Check out GoodyBeads Resin supplies.

When mixing the resin, always pour into a container that will be discarded later, like these cups and sticks. When mixing the two solutions, always scrape the bottoms and sides at a slow speed for two minutes. If you mix rigorously, you will create more bubbles, which may be harder to get rid of later.

Once mixed, let the it settle for a minute before use. Depending on the resin, you have less than an hour to use the resin before it starts to thicken or become unmanageable.



Each bezel has a framed lip, which is great for resin, as the resin will be contained within the bezel area. You can also create a resin dome with a bezel. To do so, pour the resin almost to the top. Let it dry for a few hours. Then pour more resin on top slowly, in the middle, to create a dome.

Note: Make sure to clean off any debris or dust that may have settle in the bezel before pouring in resin.


Resin and Bezel Tutorial

GoodyBeads | Blog: GoodyBeads EZ DIY Series: How to make a resin pendant


Resin Tips

  • If there are small bubbles after you pour in your resin, take a straw and blow gently at the bubble. This will help pop it. You can also use a toothpick to pop the bubbles.
  • To dome your resin in your bezel, fill your bezel until it reaches almost to the top. Let it sit for a few hours. Your second resin layer will dome your bezel. Slowly pour a little resin at a time. Let it settle to the edges while your slowly pour the resin into a done shape. Let it dry for another 24 hours.
  • If you use pre-printed collage sheets or a printed image from your printer, make sure to seal the front and back of the paper with glue or Modge Podge. Let it completely dry before use.
  • Color or tint your resin with opaque or transparent Dye.
  • You can pour resin into resin molds. Make sure to coat the molds with a conditioner for easy resin removal later.


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