GoodyBeads | Blog: How to Fold Silk Ribbon to make fiber earrings and necklace.

Folding Silk Ribbon to Make Fiber Earrings and Necklace

Check out our tutorial on how to fold silk fairy ribbon onto eyepins (or headpins) for a trendy fiber jewelry look!


Fiber jewelry adds a natural and organic look to any outfit. As we made tassel earrings and bangle bracelet in our previous fiber blog post, we have a brand new way to use these silky ribbons. Here is our tutorial on how to fold your silk ribbon into eyepin dangles for earrings or a necklace link piece.

GoodyBeads | Blog: Folding Silk Ribbon with an Eyepin


Shades of Blue and Purple Chain Dangle Earrings

GoodyBeads | Blog: Shades of Blue and Purple Chain Dangle Earrings with Tutorial
Designed by So Vang

Make these earrings to show off your sassy and fun side.

Cut ribbon in half. Cut chain into four, 1 inch lengths. Open eyepin loop and slide on the four chain pieces. Close loop. Slide on a small bead. Follow tutorial above to feed ribbon onto your eyepin. Add a small bead on top and make a simple loop. Open ear wire loop and slide on ribbon dangle. Repeat again for second earring.


Orange and Pearl Necklace

GoodyBeads | Blog: Silk Fairy Ribbon folded to make a necklace link.
Designed by So Vang

This necklace is easy and simple enough to make that you might want to buy different color silk ribbon to customize with your outfit!

Slide on pearl bead and Czech ripple bead. Fold a full strand of silk ribbon. Slide on another ripple bead and pearl bead. Make a simple loop at a 2 ½ Inch length. Open one of the loops and slide on the end of a30” chain. Close loop. Open other loop and slide on other end of your chain. Close loop.

Shades of Blue and Purple Chain Dangle Earrings

  • (1) A017789 – Botanical Gardens Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon
  • (2) A014390 – 2 Inch Gunmetal Eyepins
  • (1 pair) A002409 – Gunmetal Leverback Earrings
  • (4) A016768 – 4mm Jet Chinese Crystal Glass Beads
  • (1) CHZ0106 – 2mm Gunmetal Cable Chain Link

Orange and Pearl Necklace

  • (1) A002201 – Terracotta Silk Fairy Ribbon
  • (1) A019633 – 3 Inch Eyepin
  • (2) SW00673 – 10mm Cream Swarovski Pearl
  • (2) A021724 – 12mm California Gold Rush Ripple Czech
  • (2.5’) CH00533 – 2.5mm Silver Plated Soldered Cable Chain

2 thoughts on “Folding Silk Ribbon to Make Fiber Earrings and Necklace

  1. I have used a method similar to this and used a 15” strand of colorful jade beads to alternate with pieces of silk on memory wire to make a bracelet. I folded the silk onto the memory wire same as shown on this diy project where the silk was folded and threaded onto eyepins. This project could get expensive using the finished silk pieces, but for my bracelet I used unfinished silk strips.

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