GoodyBeads | Blog: Falling waters beaded necklace. Seed beads, bugle beads, statement necklace.

Falling Waters Seed-Beaded Necklace

Designed by our own Heidi Urlaub, this gorgeous necklace was featured in our 2015 December seed bead fringe trend. We love her edgy designs. See her wear another similar style and learn how to make the simple loops needed for this piece on our YouTube video: How to Make Simple Loops. This statement necklace is a showstopper and very easy to make!


Falling Waters Necklace

GoodyBeads | Blog : Falling Waters Necklace with seed beads and bugle beads.
Designed by Heidi Urlaub

With a basic understanding of how to make simple loops and opening and closing jump rings, this necklace is quite easy to make. Made with a combinations of size 8/0 and 11/0 Miyuki seed beads and bugle beads, you can make this necklace in many different colors.


Necklace Tutorial

What you will need to make this:

  • (2 pk. OR 185) A019697 – 2 Inch Silver Plated 21 Gauge Headpins with Ball Top
  • (2 pk. OR 39) A001529 – 6mm Jump Rings
  • (2 pk. OR 37) A001528 – 5mm Jump Rings
  • (1) SB00076 – Opaque Turquoise Green Miyuki Seed Beads
  • (1) SB00106 – Galvanized Silver Miyuki Seed Beads
  • (1) SB00093 – Turquoise Ceylon Miyuki Seed Beads
  • (1) SB02858 – Teal Silver-Lined Bugle Seed Beads Tube
  • (1) SB00332 – 11/0 Silver Lined Crystal Miyuki Seed Beads
  • (1) Z002683 – 16mm Silver Plated Spring Ring Clasp
  • (18”) CH00515 – 4.7mm Chain Link

9 thoughts on “Falling Waters Seed-Beaded Necklace

    1. Thanks Margaret. If you post your creation on social media, we would love to see it. Remember to tag us at @GoodyBeads or #GoodyBeads.

  1. I love that necklace. I’m fairly new to jewellerymaking but with your instructions, I am definately going to attempt to make it. Melody

  2. i received your email today. I clicked on All About Fringe. There is a pair of earrings hanging on an old coffee pot. They look like they would match all the necklaces that use the bluish beads. Can you tell me how to make them? Thanks

    1. Products used are as follow:
      (2) TC01253
      Earwire of your choice.
      1. On a ball headpin, slide on (1) SB02505, (3) SB00076, (3) SB00106, (3) SB02505 and make a simple loop. Make a total of 9 seed bead dangles.
      2. Cut your chain to consist of 13 links. Cut two total.
      3. Cut chain to consist of 14 links. Cut two total.
      4. Cut chain to consist of 15 links. Cut two total.
      5. Cut chain to consist of 16 links.
      6. Open the loops of your seed bead dangles and attach to each of the cut chain.
      7. On your eyepin, slide on ONE SB00076 and the top link of the short chain (13 links). Slide on ONE SB00076 and slide top link of next size up chain (14 links).
      8. Repeat by adding the 15 links chain, SB00076, 16 links, SB00076, 15 links, SB00076, 14 links, SB00076, 13 links and SB00076. Make a simple loop.
      9. Cut two pieces of chain with 8 links.
      10. Open one loop of your eyepin, slide on one of the links you cut from step 9 and close loop. Repeat to other end of your eyepin.
      11. Open a jump ring and slide on the two ends of the 8 link chains and through loop of your ear wire. Close jump ring.
      12. Repeat all steps for other earring.

    1. A tip is to roll a loop. Check out our youtube video on how to make a simple loop. Here, Heidi shows how to create a loop but rolling the tip into a loop. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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