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Fabric Tassel Jewelry

Fabric tassels are new at GoodyBeads and we can’t get our hands off of them! They are small in size but they sure are vibrant in color and easy to use. Tassels are a must-have fashion staple, especially to tempt the love of tribal-inspired fashion jewelry. Learn to make a tassel necklace with silver drop charms or blush-hue earrings with gold-plated findings.


Silver Charm Fabric Tassel Necklace

GoodyBeads | Blog: silver charm fabric tassel necklace
Designed by So Vang

This necklace combines fabric tassels and silver charms.

What you will need:

  • (1 pk.) Z013686 – Red Fabric Tassel
  • (1 pk.) Z013689 – Teal Fabric Tassel
  • (1 pk.) Z013685 – Coral Fabric Tassel
  • (1 pk.) Y006450 – Silver Plated Round Disc Drop
  • (1 ft) A008131 – 7mm Silver Plated Bar Chain
  • (1 ft) CH00533 – 2.5mm Silver Plated Soldered Cable Chain
  • (1 pk.) A002413 – 4mm Silver Plated Jump Rings
  • (1) Z001124 – Silver Plated Lobster Claw



  1. Attach a silver drop to the round O-ring of the bar chain with a 4mm jump ring.
  2. Attach a tassel charm to the next O-ring of the bar chain with a 4mm jump ring.
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 until you’ve reached the end of your chain, ending with a silver drop.
  4. Cut your cable chain in half.
  5. Open a 4mm jump ring and attach one end of the bar chain with one end of the cable chain half. Close jump ring.
  6. Open another 4mm jump ring and attach the other end of the bar chain to the second cable chain half.
  7. Open a 4mm jump ring and slide on one end of your cable chain. Close jump ring.
  8. Open another 4mm jump ring and slide on other end of the cable chain and slide on a lobster clasp. Close jump ring.


Zahra Rose Tassel Earrings

GoodyBeads | Blog: zahra rose tassel earring
Designed by Tory Vezina

This pair of earrings will make you want to scream in excitement, that you may forget they’re handmade. Beautifully made with gemstones and gold earring findings, you can rock this street-chic look in style

What you will need:

  • (1 pk.) Z013672 – Fuchsia Fabric Tassel with Gold Cap
  • (1 pk.) Z013678 – Purple Fabric Tassel with Gold Cap
  • (1 pk.) Z013673 – Rose Fabric Tassel with Gold Cap
  • (1 pk.) A019605 – 1.5 Inch Gold Plated Eyepin
  • (1 pk.) A010234 – Gold 7 Ring Chandelier Lever Back Earwire
  • (1 pk.) GS00011 – 4mm Round Pink Crazy Lace Agate



  1. Slide one gemstone onto an eyepin and make a simple loop. Make loop large enough to slide on tassel loop. Create a total of 7 gemstone eyepin dangles.
  2. Open larger loop of a dangle and slide on tassel. Close loop.
  3. Repeat to create a total of 7 dangles; 2 purple tassel, 4 fuchsia, 1 rose.
  4. Open small loop of purple dangle and slide on to first loop of ear wire. Close loop,
  5. Repeat with attaching next loop with 2 fuchsia dangle, 1 rose, 2 fuchsia and 1 purple dangle.
  6. Repeat all steps for other earring.


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