EZDIY Leather and Curved Tube Bracelet

Learn to create this popular DIY bracelet with 2mm leather and curved tube beads. This easy-to-make, double-wrap bracelet made with simple overhand knots is a versatile tutorial for a single-wrap, double-wrap, triple-wrap or more.


As seen in our Trends we Love: Leather and Tube Beads, create a longer length to double as a necklace or bracelet. Or simply be inspired to add spacers and metal beads.


What you will need:

1.3mm or 2mm Leather Cord

50mm Curved Tube Beads (A014097). If you love gold, try Gold Curved Tube Beads (A014101)

33mm Large Round Swivel Lobster Clasp (Z008325)



GoodyBeads | Blog: Tutorial on how to make a leather and curved tube bracelet.

2 thoughts on “EZDIY Leather and Curved Tube Bracelet

    1. Hello Kathy. The finished size will fit up to a size 7.5″ wrist. If you need more wiggle room or a longer length; at step 2, start with two 5 feet lengths. Plus, make sure at step 5, while you ready your knot, wrap the bracelet twice around your wrist to find a comfortable length and determine where to tighten your knot.

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