EZDIY: Flat Leather Bracelet

We are digging into our vault of fun tutorials! Come try out this popular flat leather bracelet. With supplies under $20 and less than 5 minutes to complete. Create this bracelet and wear it all in one day.


Flat leather is very trendy. Especially when with our popular Water Color Flat Leather, perfect colors for our fall weather, don’t you think?


GoodyBeads | Blog: EZ DIY - How to Make a Flat Leather Bracelets in Minutes!

2 thoughts on “EZDIY: Flat Leather Bracelet

  1. I’d like to know how you measure the leather for this bracelet. I know you’d need your wrist measurement, but do you leave extra leather to go into the clasp, and if so, how much? Thanks.

    1. Hello Tracy. Some clasps will have a different cup length. This clasp in the tutorial has a 1/4″ length. So because you will have two ends to insert in the cup, make sure you have an extra 1/2″ leather length or an inch to be on the safe side. The best way to also help adjust your length will be to mock up the bracelet without using glue. Slide on your charms/beads to your leather and insert the clasps. Test it on your wrist and cut off a little of your leather at a time until you’ve reached a comfortable length. Thank you!

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