GoodyBeads | Blog: Easy DIY Charm Earrings

Easy DIY Charm Earrings

An easy idea for your holiday gift-giving or for a fun weekend project are charm earrings. All you need are charms, earwire findings and flat nose pliers.


Let the gift giving begin with easy charm earrings. Select from a variety of TierraCast® charms, metal charms, or resin. Or make mismatch charm earrings for the bold and daring jewelry wearers. The only tool you’ll need for this easy DIY project are flat nose pliers to open jump rings or earwire loops.


Here are some easy charm earrings that we’ve made with just charms and earwires.

Charm Earrings

GoodyBeads | Blog: Easy DIY Charm Earrings - resin donut charm earrings

Love sweets? Make these earrings with donut resin charms. YUM!

Items used: A012460, A008998


GoodyBeads | Blog: Easy DIY Charm Earrings - snowflake charm earrings

Celebrate the love of winter and fluffy snow with this pair of snowflake earrings.

Items used: FTEA0003, A011284


GoodyBeads | Blog: Easy DIY Charm Earrings - gold feather earrings

Embrace your wild side with gold feather earrings.

Items used: Z015964, A014108


GoodyBeads | Blog: Easy DIY Charm Earrings - dreamcatcher charm earrings

Or even channel good dreams and positive vibes with these dreamcatcher charm earrings.

Items used: Z006627, A010966

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  1. ??? What gauge jump ring would you recommend that is non bulky but sturdy enough to hold charms securely. I have some from a local arts and crafts store that are to thin and they just do not hold sports bracelet charms very securely.Thanks

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