GoodyBeads | Blog: superduo poinsettia necklace and earrings FREE tutorial

Czech SuperDuo Star Blooms Necklace and Earrings with FREE Tutorial

We have the perfect holiday jewelry set for the fun and stylish fashionista.. Try this free tutorial on how to make these star blooms necklace and earrings using SuperDuos, o-beads and size 10/0 round czech beads. Make it just in time for the holidays!


SuperDuo Star Blooms Poinsettia Necklace and Earrings

GoodyBeads | Blog: SuperDuo star blooms poinsetta necklace with FREE tutorial
Designed by So Vang
GoodyBeads | Blog: SuperDuo Star Blooms Poinsettia earrings with FREE tutorial
Designed by So Vang


Tutorial and Components

Created by our in-house designer So Vang, you can make this holiday theme, star blooms necklace and earrings set with this FREE illustrated tutorial.


Necklace Extra Tip

When you have finished stringing together your five components, we have two options on how to attach your 24” chain.

First, you can sew the chain at the end of the SuperDuo as shown in our photo below. Refer to the illustrated tutorial or image to see that you connect the chain end to the SuperDuo across from the connected SuperDuo of your side poinsettia component.

GoodyBeads | Blog: Chain Option 1


Or, secondly you can use a small gauge jump ring to slide through theSuperDuo like how we’ve shown here. However, not all SuperDuo holes are large enough for the jump ring to slide through. If it does not, going with the first option will be best to adding your chain.

GoodyBeads | Blog: Chain Option 2


SuperDuo Southwestern Star Bloom Style

GoodyBeads | Blog: SuperDuo star blooms southwestern necklace earrings with FREE tutorial
Designed by So Vang

Don’t think you are limited to just a holiday-hued necklace. Try out different combinations of colors and make it your own. We’ve used turquoise and deep coral to create ours above.


8 thoughts on “Czech SuperDuo Star Blooms Necklace and Earrings with FREE Tutorial

  1. What size are the O-Beads used in this patten? I printed the pattern, but don’t seem to have the right size O-Beads on hand.

      1. Thank you. I guess the photos on the website confused me because some of the beads appeared larger and with bigger holes in them. I tried the pattern with some seed beads, but that didn’t work. I just received some Czech O-Beads today, so I’m excited to try this pattern with the correct beads.

  2. Hello , I think this is a beautiful piece . And every time I see something different , creative energy runs through me . I begin to imagine new combinations of beaded magic ! I look forward to the competition of this project , and many others like this .

    1. Thank you! We would love to see your color combinations. Tag us on social media at @GoodyBeads or #GoodyBeads. Happy Beading!

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