Czech SuperDuo Duets™

From BeadSmith® comes a new wave of SuperDuos beads: Duets. SuperDuo Duets features a two-toned color that shimmers, and different hues on each side of the bead. These unique beads are perfect for defining lines and beading accent color around borders.


BeadSmith has an inspiring video featuring these new SuperDuo Duets.


Color Shifting Bracelet from BeadSmith w/ Tutorial

Color Shifting Bracelet with SuperDuo Duets

We love the simplicity of this bracelet pattern from BeadSmith. We used the Black/Red Luster SuperDuo Duets (SB03501) with Orange Luster on Chalk SuperDuo (SB02110).

Check out the PDF Tutorial here.

Product used for this bracelet: SB02110, SB03501, SB00422, SB00066, SB00387, Z001256, A006587


Black and Bronze SuperDuo Duets Bracelet

GoodyBeads | Blog: black and bronze SuperDuo duets bracelet with Miyuki Tila seed beads
Designed by So Vang

Here, we took the same pattern from the Color Shifting Bracelet and redesigned it by substituting the middle SuperDuos with a size 11/0 Miyuki seed bead, a Miyuki Tila and another size 11/0 Miyuki seed bead. We used Black/White Beige Luster SuperDuo Duet (SB03491) and layered the black sides of the duet together on the edges for an interesting stripe effect.

We also used 8/0 Miyuki Dark Bronze seed bead for the outer edges instead of alternating between a size 11/0 and 8/0 seed bead. Plus, check out the image below on how we’ve sewn our ends. We had sewn in a size 8/0 seed beads at the end to loop in a jump ring and lobster clasp on one end and chain link on the other.

GoodyBeads | Blog: Black and Bronze SuperDuo Duet Bracelet End image with Tila Miyuki seed beads.

Product used for this bracelet: SB03491, SB00831, SB00387, SB00084, SB02110, A006587, A008803, Z006523/Z006528, Z006527.


Bronze Legend Bracelet

Black and Bronze SuperDuo Duets Cuff Bracelets with Tila Miyuki seed beads & Czech SuperDuo.
Designed by So Vang



We amped up the pattern and adding more rows of SuperDuos and SuperDuo Duets to the previous bracelet. This bracelet pattern will create a band width just under 1.5” with a cream and black stripe effect and bronze border.

We have included a PDF illustrated tutorial on how to make this bracelet with the inspiration of the Color Shifting Bracelet from BeadSmith.

GoodyBeads | Blog: Bronze Legend Full Bracelet with SuperDuo Duets and Tila Miyuki seed beads. Free Tutorial

Product used for this bracelet: SB03491, SB00831, SB00387, SB00084, SB02110, SB01406, A006587, A008803, Y004707.

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  1. Why aren’t there any pictures to go with the instructions for the “color shifting” bracelet? The instructions refer to them –

    1. Hello Terry. It seems that we were missing a page. We have the correct tutorial up now with the illustrations you can find here. Thank you!

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