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Czech SuperDuo Jewelry with Pattern Tutorial

SuperDuo is a Czech-made glass seed bead with a diamond shape and two 0.8mm holes. They are great for dimensional bead weaving designs, from your basic flat stitching to more intricate 3D lace seed bead designs. We have two fun jewelry pieces using these versatile Czech SuperDuo seed beads; accompanied with pattern tutorials.

Ocean Pebble Bracelet Blog | Ocean Pebble Super Duo Bracelet and Tutorial
Design and tutorial illustration by So Vang

We love the different mixes that SuperDuo offers. The assorted SuperDuo colors make it easy to bead freely and not worry about color sequence. Our bracelet is weaved with a simple straight stitch and because Super Duo has two holes, they are easy to intertwine.

Below is our bracelet pdf pattern tutorial. With a tube of 300+ beads, we were able to make this bracelet project, with extra beads to spare. For our 7” bracelet, we started with 83 beads for the first row. You can add more or less for your wrist preference, but make sure to have an odd bead count before coming back around. When you reach the end of the pattern, tie the remaining string with the string closest to it and thread through a few more beads before snipping the string. As an option, you can glue the knot for a secure hold. Add your choice of lobster clasp to one end with a jump ring and on the other end, attach ¾” of chain with another jump ring. Or you can certainly choose a toggle or tube clasp to finish off your bracelet.

Click HERE for Ocean Pebble Bracelet PDF Tutorial


Spiral Super Duo Earrings Blog | Spiral SuperDuo Earrings and Tutorial
Design and tutorial illustration by So Vang

We love our dainty spiral SuperDuo earrings. They glisten with an edging of gold seed beads and findings. These earrings are simple to make and a great project for the beginning bead stitcher.

Click HERE for Spiral SuperDuo Earrings PDF Tutorial.


  • (1) A018854 – #10 &#12 Beading Needles
  • Optional: (1) A007224 – Hypo Cement

Ocean Pebble Bracelet

  • A006587 – Crystal Fireline Thread
  • (1 tube) SB02575 – Calico Cat SuperDuo Seed Bead
  • (80+) SB01448 – Size 8 Red Brown Miyuki Seed Bead
  • (1) A011534 – 10mm Lobster Claw
  • (3) A002413 – 4mm Jump Ring
  • (2) A013608 – 3 Ring Connector
  • (1) A012848 – 9mm Cable Chain Link 

Spiral SuperDuo Earrings

  • A006587 – Crystal Fireline Thread
  • (20) SB01424 – Blue Brown Purple SuperDuo Seed Bead
  • (32) SB00632 – Size 11 Gilding Metal Seed Bead
  • (4) A011517 – 4mm Gold Jump Rings
  • (1 pair) A014108 – Gold Plated French Wire Earrings

9 thoughts on “Czech SuperDuo Jewelry with Pattern Tutorial

    1. Hello Donna. Thank you for your comment. Please do share your finished bracelets with us on our Facebook page or here! We would love to see what you’ve made! Happy Beading!

    1. Thank you Jacqueline for your comment. We agree that the bracelet does have that Indian Corn and fall color palette. It’s fun to use the Czech Super Duo MIX colors for this project because you get a fun variation of colors.

  1. This is gorgeous, I am also interested in the items list for your Czech Super Duo wrap bracelet in Aqua and green tones on your site and can’t find it. I really would like to make it and don’t know what supplies and sizes to buy. Thank you in advance Pat D.

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