| Blog: Czech Crescent Bracelet and Earring with Free Tutorial

Czech Crescent Bracelet and Earrings with FREE Illustrated Tutorial

Czech Crescent beads are NEW at GoodyBeads. The Czech crescent beads are wedge-shaped beads with two holes. We have two easy and free tutorials using these Czech crescent beads.


Midnight Gold Czech Crescent Bracelet | Blog: Midnight Gold Czech Crescent Bracelet with FREE Tutorial
Design by So Vang

For this bracelet, we used a combination of black and gold crescent beads with Swarovski® crystals in Graphite AB2X. The midnight glow of the AB2X is hauntingly beautiful in this piece.

What you will need:

We love this bracelet because it is simple to make. First, start by threading on 4 seed beads. Keep the ends of your thread untied. Then, you will thread on a top layer with a sequence of 3 Czech crescent, a seed bead and a 4mm bicone crystal. Repeat this sequence until you’ve reached your preferred bracelet length. End this top layer with 3 crescent beads and 4 seed beads. Now, bring the thread down to the bottom 3 crescent beads you’ve ended with. You will now be threading the bottom layer by adding a seed bead and bicone crystal in between each crescent bead grouping until you’ve reached the end. Tie both of your thread ends together. Feed your threads back through a few beads before you cut off excess thread. Add your clasp and chain link to the seed bead loop ends you’ve made with jump rings.

Enjoy this illustrated pdf tutorial with instructions.


Midnight Czech Crescent Earrings | Blog: Midnight Czech Crescent Earring with FREE Tutorial
Design by So Vang

Complement your bracelet with this pair of earrings. Check out our illustrated pdf tutorial and instructions for these Czech Crescent Earrings.

What you will need:

First thread on your top layer with, crescent bead, seed bead, bicone crystal (4 times). Tie both thread ends together to create a cylinder shape. Feed your thread through one crescent bead and loop down through the second hole of the crescent bead. Thread in reverse of your cylinder shape with adding a seed bead and bicone crystal inbetween the crescent bead. Once you’ve reached the end. Tie off thread ends and thread through a few beads before cutting off excess and you’ve completed your crescent bead design.

Slide these beads onto the headpin and make a simple loop:
Seed bead, bicone crystal, 8mm round crystal, 6mm round crystal, crescent bead design, bicone crystal and seed bead.

Open your Ear-wire loop and slide on your crescent bead design headpin loop. Repeat for other earring.


Midnight Gold Czech Crescent Bracelet:

  • (30) SB03297 – 10mm Jet 2-Hole Czech Crescent
  • (15) SB03284 – 10m Matte Metallic Flax 2-Hole Czech Crescent
  • (28) SW01413 – Swarovski® 4mm Bicone Graphite AB2X Crystal
  • (36) SB00084 – 8/0 Metallic Dark Bronze Iris Miyuki Seed Bead
  • (2) TC00708 – 6mm Brass Oxide Oval Jump Ring
  • (1) Z006523 – 12 Brass Oxide Plated Lobster Claws
  • A006588 – Smoke Fireline Thread

Midnight Czech Crescent Earrings:

  • (8) SB03297 – 10mm Jet 2-Hole Czech Crescent
  • (20) SW01413 – Swarovski® 4mm Bicone Graphite AB2X Crystal
  • (20) SB00084 – 8/0 Metallic Dark Bronze Iris Miyuki Seed Bead
  • (2) TC01257 – 2 Inch Silver Headpins
  • (1 pair) – A008998 – Silver Base Metal French Wire Earrings
  • (2) SW00014 – Swarovski® 6mm Round Crystal White Opal
  • (2) SW00015 – Swarovski® 8mm Round Crystal
  • A006588 – Smoke Fireline Thread


10 thoughts on “Czech Crescent Bracelet and Earrings with FREE Illustrated Tutorial

    1. Hello Betty. We do not sell finished jewelry. We provided inspirational jewelry pieces and tutorials on how to make jewelry. For this bracelet, we have a FREE illustrated tutorial on how to make this bracelet and earrings. Also on this blog at the bottom, you will find a list of items used to make these particular bracelet and earrings. However, they are merely inspire you to mix colors and personalized them to your liking. You can head over to for your shopping needs. Let us know if you have any more questions.

  1. The bracelet and earrings are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.
    I was hoping there was a kit a person could buy with a cost listed for the kit.
    Frankly, I do not have the time to hunt for all the items and figure out the cost and if I can afford it or not.
    Maybe I will later on….
    Again, thank you for sharing a PDF instruction list we can save.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! All items used for the bracelet and earrings are at the bottom of the page, if you should want to make this particular color design. Yes, the pdf is free for you to use and certainly an easy project when you get the chance.

  2. I made this bracelet with blue and gold crescent beads instead of black and gold, and it is beautiful. I’m going to make another with brown and gold crescents, and brown Swarovski crystals. I love the texture of the bracelet.

  3. This is beautiful, I can’t wait to try it. nd my brain is buzzing with other color combinations. Thanks for sharing the instructions.

    1. You’re welcome! We would love to see your works if you share them on social media. Tag us with #goodybeads or @goodybeads!

  4. I made this bracelet, it was super easy, and everyone commented how beautiful it was. They thought it looked really complicated. Thank you for all the great designs!!

    1. You’re welcome Nancy! If you post it on Facebook or Instagram, we would love to see it. Tag us at @GoodyBeads or #GoodyBeads.
      -So Vang

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