Criss Cross Leather Bracelet by Dakota Stones

We have this Criss Cross Leather Bracelet tutorial from our friends at Dakota Stones, whom provides high-quality gemstones since 2001. Read more and learn.


We love this bracelet because it uses leather cord, fairy ribbon and large-hole gemstones.



  1. Thread the button on the leather and find the center. Tie the cords together in an overhand knot. Before you tighten the knot all the way, insert the end of the Fairy ribbon and tighten.
  2. Start by threading the large hole beads onto both ends of the leather and securing each end with a bead stopper or a loosely tied knot.
  3. Weave the ribbon in a figure 8 (fishtail weave) around the left outside leather and in between the two leather cords. Repeat on the right- around the cord and through the middle.
  4. Slide a bead up on your left strand of leather and repeat the figure 8 with the suede on the left side, below the bead. Repeat with the right, slide a bead up and figure 8 with the ribbon on the right.
  5. Continue with Step 4 to use about 32 beads total, or until you reach your desired length. Taper the end by weaving the cord 3-4 times in between the leather without the beads.
  6. Finish by tying an overhand knot to join the ribbon and two leather cords. Tie an additional overhand knot with just the leather cords, leaving enough space in between the two knots for your button or bead to fit tightly. Glue the knots and cut excess. You can always leave the ribbon tails or add beads to the ends of the leather for accents.

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