Beaded Tassel Tutorial

Tassels are trending! We are loving the beaded tassel trend and could not wait to share our beaded tassel tutorial with you!

What you will need:

Guinevere Beaded Tassel Lariat Necklace | Blog: Beaded Tassel Tutorial - Queen Guinevere Beaded Tassel Lariat Necklace
Designed by Tory Vezina

If Queen Guinevere wore a tassel necklace, this would be the necklace. With pearl seed beads and spiral rope chain, this necklace is perfect for common folk to feel like a queen!

The tassel was made with size 11 pearl seed beads and gold end caps. Make two beaded tassels. Cut some rope chain at 3-4 feet and attach each end with a brass jump ring and beaded tassel. Wear this lariat necklace loose while wrapped around once or twice. Or tie a knot 2-4 inches away from your beaded tassel.

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Guinevere Beaded Tassel Lariat Necklace

  • (1) SB00416 – 11/0 Pearl Ceylon Miyuki Seed Bead
  • (1) AW00072 – 20 Gauge Antique Brass Artistic Wire
  • (3) CH00735 – 4mm Antique Brass Spiral Rope Chain
  • (1) A006599 – White Superlon Beading Thread Bobbin
  • (2) A018895 – 12mm Bell Antique Gold-plated Brass End Cap
  • (2) TC00710 – 5mm Brass Oxide Round Jump Ring


15 thoughts on “Beaded Tassel Tutorial

    1. Hello Pat.Skipping the last bead will give a more continuous threaded of your tassel without having multiple strands that you have to tie together as other beaded tassel tutorials. Yes the thread will show. Our tutorial used white thread with teal beads for a visual purpose.

      If you want to make it less noticeable, use a similar color thread to your beads. You can also use our selection of Crystal Fireline Thread.

    1. To print a tutorial, use the Print option on your browser. It does a pretty good job formatting and printing. Sometimes you may have to use the scale feature to make it smaller so it fits on a page horizontally.

  1. I never thought of using beads to make a tassel before. This design is just perfect. Absolutely beautiful! Thanx so much for sharing.

  2. Great tutorial! How would you attach a beaded tassel to a tassel cap w/loop at top, no hole? I’ve seen a beautiful necklace like this but wondered if they just glued the seed beads inside. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hello Lynn. May I suggest doing the same process as our tutorial. Once you have the tassel finished, cut your wire close to the loop (keeping the loop) and glue your tassel into your cap.

      1. Thanks! I thought about that but wondered about glueing the strands of beads or crystals inside the cap. I see how that’s perfect for a silk tassel but not so sure about this method for chain tassels or crystals. Have you tried it?

  3. I appreciate your concise instructions on making beaded tassels. I’m actually making a necklace with 3 24″ tassels of tanzanite beads that attach to a center (or off center depending on how one wears it) metal design that already has 5 strands of 24″ amethyst beads. Haven’t actually made it yet, but your tutorial sounds like it will work for this re-design as well as for a 3″ tassel.
    Here’s looking at you kid! Thanks ~ Michele

  4. Don’t understand about the large bead on the wire. Do the threads go through it? Or is it just to get tucked under the beaded strands to give it some volume?

    1. This is a wrapped loop. There are no beads on the wire. It’s best to have a wrapped loop to start with so that the loop does not have any gaps where thread can escape from.

      1. Hi, Thanks for your response, but I’m still confused. What is the white bead for? Is it necessary? Do the threads go thru it? Could you please explain?

        1. It’s called a.stop bead. It’s there so the beads don’t fall off. You don’t go through it. Just pretend it isn’t there

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