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Introduction to Kumihimo with BeadSmith® Instructional Video

Learn a new beading technique with Kumihimo. These instructional videos from BeadSmith gives an introduction to Kumihimo, how to braid fibers and how to incorporate seed beads. Get your Kumihimo supplies and learn how to braid one today!


Kumihimo Introduction by BeadSmith


Kumihimo Braiding with Beads by BeadSmith


Check out our previous GoodyBeads Kumihimo trends for inspiration.

And thumb through kumihimo books for different braiding techniques.

2 thoughts on “Introduction to Kumihimo with BeadSmith® Instructional Video

  1. Does Goody Beads sell the clasp shown for the double strand of kumihimo shown in the picture? It looks like a magnetic clasp large enough to fit 2 strands of kumihimo. I don’t see this on the website.

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