Beadalon® Tassel Maker and Video

With thisBeadalon tassel maker, you can a make tassel in no time! Check out how to set up and use this tool. Embellish your next project with customized tassels.


Learn to easily make tassels with the tassel maker (TL00230).

Grab some of your favorite thread or pick up some Beadalon cotton thread and check out the tutorial video below, provided by Beadalon.


Tassel Maker Video

2 thoughts on “Beadalon® Tassel Maker and Video

  1. Well Wyatt I love watching all your videos, actually excited to see this video because i bought a Beadalon Tassel maker and not opened it yet. Well ____ i opened to put together while watching it is missing 2 washers that go with long screw and screw into white piece. That makes me so mad. I had bought this around Christmas and ended having bronchitis and had not used yet. Now i was excited to see your video and now i cant use.

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