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Black Friday Free Gift DIY

by Kristal Wick

We’ve got a brilliant Black Friday gift with purchase for all you beady peeps! Since the gift-giving season is upon us and you’re creating like magical elves, we’re here to help you out with loads of FAB holiday beads you can mix and match! Use them to design an all-in-one beautiful jewelry piece for yourself or make dozens of earrings for your gal pals. Just add a few ear wires, headpins, chain and you’re good to go. I made seven different projects out of this Black Friday Free Gift and still had leftover beads! So there’s plenty to go around. You can also find all the beads included in our Black Friday Free Gift on our website. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get going! (more…) Blog Yummy Holiday Sparkle

Yummy Holiday Sparkle

by Kristal Wick

What’s better than family-and friend-filled holiday feasts? An embellished holiday feast! We bling up our jewelry, why not our dining utensils! Seriously, I think most DIY-ers are so busy making jewelry for gift-giving, they completely forget the forks and spoons! How cute is a red-and-green canape knife? Or a serving set for your salad or turkey with all the fixins. The best part is, you can remove the large hole interchangeable beads and use them in your jewelry the next day. Mix and match customized dinnerware in your fave colors and shapes for added entertaining elegance. (more…)