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New Year’s Eve Swarovski® Earrings, PLUS How to Wire Wrap Briolette Beads

Who doesn’t love ringing in the New Year? You may find yourself at a rooftop party, celebrating New Year’s Eve with cheerful faces, sparkling fireworks, glittering streamers, plastic party hats, bubbly beverages, and midnight kisses! Whether you are dancing the night away or making a toast, we have the perfect earrings, made with Swarovski® crystals, to help ring in the New Year! PLUS, learn how to wire wrap Briolette Beads!


Pendulum Posh Blog |New Years Eve Swarovski® Earrings: Pendulum Earrings
Designed by Tory Vezina

Make these fun statement earrings with NEW stock of Swarovski® pendulum beads. Take an eyepin and thread on the 10mm and 8mm crystal beads and make a simple loop. Attach the TierraCast® bar link to each loop. Connect the two bar links with the 6mm jump ring. Add your favorite choice of ear wires. Can’t you see yourself at a FABULOUS party wearing these FABULOUS earrings?!


Swarovski® and Rhinestone Earrings

You can’t have enough sparkle when it comes to dressing up for New Year’s. You have to sparkle as much as the flashy New Year’s ball! Blog |New Years Eve Swarovski® Earrings: Swarovski® Rhinestone Earrings
Designed by So Vang

We’ve given these Swarovski® an extra boost of bling with rhinestone rondelles. We made these earrings with an eyepin, 8mm round Swarovski® bead, 6mm rhinestone rondelle bead and a 4mm bicone Swarovski® crystal. Thread on beads and make a simple loop. Open the eyepin loop closest to the 4mm crystal and attach 1 inch of CH00412 – 5mm Filigree Leaves Chain. Open the other loop and attach 1 inch of CH00533 – 2.5mm Soldered Cable Chain. Attach the other end of CH00533 chain to your choice of ear wire. You are ready to rock the night away when the ball drops for 2016!


Crystal Drop Earrings Blog |New Years Eve Swarovski® Earrings: Crystal Drop Earrings
Designed by So Vang

We love these pear-shaped Swarovski® earrings with patina sparkle that add a glittery shine. Paired with gold earring hooks and gold artistic wire, heads will turn to ask, “Where’d you get those?” Check out our tutorial below on how to wire wrap a briolette or top-drilled bead.


Jewelry Components List

Pendulum Posh

  • (1 pair) A012827 – Sterling Silver Filled French Wire Earrings
  • (4) TC01295 – Rhodium Bar Link
  • (1) A001529 – 6mm Jump Ring
  • (2) A019612 – 2 Inch Eyepins
  • (2) SW01205 – 10x7mm Silver Night Pendulum Bead
  • (4) SW01204 – 8×5.5mm Silver Night Pendulum Bead

Swarovski® and Rhinestone Earrings

  • (1 pair) A012827 – Sterling Silver Filled French Wire Earrings
  • (2) A019612 – 2 Inch Eyepins
  • (2) SW00039 – 8mm Round Light Colorado Topaz
  • (2) SW00204 – 4mm Bicone Light Colorado Topaz
  • (2) A004469 – 6mm Clear Rhinestone Rondelle
  • (1) CH00412 – 5mm Filigree Leaves Chain
  • (1) CH00533 – 2.5mm Cable Chain

Crystal Drop Earrings

  • (2) SW01029 – 16mm White Patina Pear Shaped Pendant
  • (1 pair) Z001082 – Gold Filled Ear Wire
  • AW00028 – 22 Gauge Natural Artistic Wire

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