GoodyBeads | Blog: Swarovski Spike 2-Hole Beads

NEW Swarovski® 2-Hole Spike Beads

We are in love with these new Swarovski spike beads with 2-holes. Check out how we use these punk-rock inspired spike beads!


These Spike beads comes in three different shapes: hexagon, square and round. While they do come in a one-hole version, we stocked our inventory with the 2-hole version. We find more versatility and stability in its design and shape. Plus these five metallic colors are stunning!


Rose Gold Stud Leather Bracelet

GoodyBeads | Blog: Swarovski Spike 2-Hole Beads

One of our favorite DIY jewelry is the Chan Luu-inspired leather wrap bracelets. You can find our tutorial here to learn how to bead stitch and apply it to make this DIY jewelry.

Items used: Z018651, TC02036, SW01716(22), A015211, A006588.


Blue Stud Earrings

GoodyBeads | Blog: Swarovski Spike 2-Hole Beads

Here’s an easy DIY using the round spike beads. Using post earrings, we use a small dot of super new glue and placed the round spike beads on. Let glue dry before wearing them!

Items used: SW01719(2), A015178, A015821.


Wire Hoop Spike Earrings

GoodyBeads | Blog: Swarovski Spike 2-Hole Beads

This pair of earrings is made using two 8″ 24-gauge wire and stringing an 11/0 metal bead between each of the spike beads. Slide all the beads to the middle of your two wire and bring all four ends together to create a loop. With all four wire ends, make a wrapped loop and coil once around the base of the loop. Take your earwires and you will grasp the loop of the earwire with your flat nose pliers and twist the loop 90 degrees so that the loop of the earwire faces you. Open the earwire loop, slide on the hoop spike beads and close loop.

Items used: SB00632, SW01714 (10), A009402, AW00050.

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    1. Hello. 22 beads were used to make a 7.5″ bracelet. I had added a second knot to extend the bracelet to 8.5″ Make sure to check out our blog tutorial on how to make wrap bracelets and to create an adjustable length HERE. Thank you.

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