| Blog: How to Use Your Leftover Beads: Three different ways to use your leftover beads, chains and findings.

How to Use Your Leftover Beads

It is official! Spring is just around the corner for 2016! Soon the snow will be melting and spring will be knocking at our doors. It’s the perfect time to rummage through your beads and do some spring cleaning: to make way for MORE beads, of course. Here are three different ways to use your leftover beads, findings and chains.

As a beader, you know that you always have extra beads from previous projects lying around. We, at GoodyBeads, are guilty about that! There is a whole shelf dedicated to leftover items of miscellaneous beads, findings, chains, cords, tools, crystals and the list goes on and on. It was hard to not open a fresh pack of new beads or a full length of cut chain or a string of gemstones. But with our wall of STUFF, there were enough items for this spring cleaning project!


An Array of Colorful Beads for a Wrap Bracelet

A perfect way to use your extra beads is to make a quick and easy wrap bracelet. Check out our previous blog, How to Make Wrap Bracelets, for a tutorial. | Blog: How to Use Your Leftover Beads - Wrap Bracelets
Designed by So Vang

For this particular bracelet, we gathered similar round 8mm of gemstones and Czech glass beads. Using our used roll of Waxed Cotton Cord and Superlon Brown Thread, we made a wrap bracelet that wraps 4 times. Even check out our button piece. Instead of grabbing a new button, we used a Bali spacer (A021466) and made knots to act as a button piece. Love this idea! What a way to think outside of the box, eh?

If you need supplies, head over to our Gemstone and Czech section. If you are looking for a particular size or shape, we have that option on the left hand navigation under “Size Range” or “Shape.” Or you can even check our selection of Bead Set and Mixes for a quick mix.


Chain Chain Chain

Do you have various length of chain bunched together waiting to be used for bracelet extenders pieces or necklace additions? Make CHAIN the main piece of your jewelry! | Blog: How to Use Your Leftover Beads - Chain Chain Chain Bracelet
Designed by So Vang

What we made here is a multi-chain bracelet. Randomly select a few chain pieces, then measure each chain to your bracelet length. Using a 7mm jump ring to combine each piece of chain end. Do the same to the other end. Use another 7mm jump ring and attach to each end with a magnetic clasp. We have to be honest here and say that we cheated. We did have to get a magnetic clasp from GoodyBeads inventory. You can go ahead and cheat too. We won’t tell if you don’t either!

Another idea is to make a statement necklace with miscellaneous chain braided together. What’d you think?


Linking Bead Dangles

We love our selection of glass beads. The vibrant colors and designs are BEA-U-TIFUL! One way to weed through your stash of beads is to find a HERO bead and play off on the colors and shapes. Grab some eyepins and start making simple loop dangles of the beads you’ve chose. By linking them, you can make a bunch of different jewelry pieces.

Our hero bead was this blue and amber glass bead (A013249). We pulled beads with hues of blue, light blue, and amber as well as some bronze Czech fire polish beads. Using gold eyepins, make a simple loop with the glass and Czech beads. We made enough eyepin dangles until we ran out of the bronze Czech fire polish beads. Plus, we made a handful of Black Diamond Chinese crystal dangles. | Blog: How to Use Your Leftover Beads - Make Eyepin dangles with Extra beads.

Start linking them up to make a necklace, bracelet or earrings. Play with the sequence of the beaded dangles and add chain and different findings. Using up every last beaded dangle and with the help of gold plated findings and chain, we made two necklaces, earrings and a bracelet. | Blog: How to Use Your Leftover Beads - Make eyepin dangles of beads and link them together to make necklaces.
Designed by So Vang | Blog: How to Use Your Leftover Beads - Blue Amber Earring and Bracelet
Designed by So Vang

LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea because it gives you the chance to use up beads that you can’t find anymore. Even some of these beads we used are styles that we no longer have. It makes it more unique don’t you think?

Now that you’ve used your beads up, there’s room to buy more!



8 thoughts on “How to Use Your Leftover Beads

  1. From those leftover beads, what you can do is make a beaded bookmark. It is really easy to make and quick to complete. You can easily make a whole bunch in an afternoon and then use it while reading your favorite novel.

      1. Hello Susan. A wonderful idea on beaded bookmarks! If you planning to make a beaded piece to lay inside your book pages, you may want to experiment with seed beads, as they are smaller in size.

        We also have some bookmark ends that you can attach dangles to and not worry about them being bulky as they slip inside the book pages and the dangle piece sticks out. Here are some options for making beaded bookmarks
        1. A headpin/eyepin dangle. Or make links of eyepin dangles.
        2. Attach a FUN charm or charms with jump rings to your bookmark.
        3. String them on Beading Wire and end them off with crimp tubes.
        4. Use a Chain Link piece and attach charms or beaded dangles to it.

        Just a few ideas for you. Experiment with different beads, size and combinations. We love your question and idea!

          1. Making bookmarks are great suggestions but we do not have directions for that. It is possible for a future blog. Thank you.

  2. I gave many bookmarks as gifts for Christmas and used various charms, chains with initials, as well as wrapped beads as dangles. I hope Goody will carry more charms and even bookmarks this coming year. 😉

    1. Bookmarks are a great idea! If you have photos we would love to see them if you post them on social media. Tag us at #GoodyBeads or @GoodyBeads. We are looking into new beads and items for the upcoming year. Thank you.

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