Hello Spring: Tulip Necklace and Earrings

Here in the Midwest, you know that spring is approaching when people are wearing shorts in 45-degree weather. If you think like me, spring reminds me to clean the winter-long mess inside and outside of the house, a thought that makes me groan. Since I LOVE distractions, let’s do some spring beading projects to ready ourselves for lovely spring days, instead.


Nothing says good morning like budding and blooming tulips in early spring. So of course, the theme for our first spring beading project is tulips. I personally enjoy the freshness of pink tulips. Pairing the subtle color with a gold-accent finding, you get a bold jewelry piece sure to get a conversation brewing.


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Tulip Earrings

Here’s how to make a pair of gorgeous tulip earrings with pink Swarovski crystals dangling from tulip end caps. First, take three headpins and add a crystal to each, then make a simple wire loop, keeping in mind to stagger the lengths (this adds more movement to the earring). Attach the looped headpins to an eyepin and thread it through the 5mm tulip end cap. Then, top it off with a dainty TierraCast bead cap, another crystal and a seed bead. Lastly, make another loop and hang it on a French wire earring. Repeat for a complete, easy-to-create pair of tulip earrings.


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Tulip Necklace

To coordinate with the tulip earrings, a complementary tulip necklace is best! We will basically use the same concept design as for the earrings, but for the necklace we’ll use a 10mm tulip-plated end cap for a more prominent look, along with 5 dangles of 4mm and 6mm pink Swarovski crystals for a variation of dangle size. Because our tulip should shine, we have selected a finer gold chain. Size it according to length, add the clasp of your choice, and violà—you are ready to enjoy your spring tulip necklace and earrings!


The great thing about any beading project is that you can personalize it and alter it to your liking. Perhaps you prefer more colors than the pink or want to use some Czech crystals, pearls, iridescent cat’s eye or charms. Maybe you fancy silver over gold. Choose what excites and inspires you.


What comes to mind when you think of spring? Do you have any favorite pastimes? Please drop us a line or share your project stories on our Facebook page or in the Comments below. Until next time, stay inspired!

Supplies you need for 1 Pair of Tulip Earrings:

  • (2) Z009539 – 5mm Tulip Gold End Cap
  • (8) SW00120 – Swarovski Light Rose AB
  • (2) TC00638 – 8mm Antique Gold Leaf Bead Cap
  • (2) SB00413 – Cream Lined Miyuki Seed Beads
  • (6) A019693 – 1.5 Inch Gold Plated Ball Top Headpins
  • (2) A019617 – 2 Inch Gold Plated Eyepin
  • (1pr) A014108 – Gold Plated Earring


Supplies you need for 1 Tulip Necklace:

  • (1) A018885 – 10mm Tulip Gold End Cap
  • (3) SW00120 – 4mm Swarovski Light Rose AB
  • (2) SW00244 – 6mm Swarovski Light Rose AB
  • (1) TC00638 – 8mm Antique Gold Leaf Bead Cap
  • (1) SB00413 – Cream Lined Miyuki Seed Beads
  • (5) A019693 – 1.5 Inch Gold Plated Ball Top Headpins
  • (1) A019617 – 2 Inch Gold Plated Eyepin
  • (2) A008126 – 2mm Gold Plated Chain
  • (3) A008808 – 7mm Gold Plated Jump Rings
  • (1) A011537 – Gold Lobster Claw


Tools Used:

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