GoodyBeads | Blog: Jewelry accessories examples with memory wire

GoodyBeads Inspiration: Memory Wire

One of the most simple jewelry accessory to make are memory wire wrap bracelets. Memory wires are preformed to maintain its circular shape. All you have to do is add your choice of beads, leather, spacers and charms to memory wire and make a simple loop at both ends. Here are some fun examples of how we used memory wire.


GoodyBeads | Blog: Memory Wire Inspired Jewelry Examples

  1. Summer Wrap Bracelets – June ’16 Trend
  2. Beachy Flamingo and Palm Tree DIY Bracelets – Blog
  3. Pink Ribbon Bracelets – Sept ’15 Trend
  4. Memory Wire Leather Wrap Bracelets – Blog
  5. Flat Memory Wire – Aug 15′ Trend
  6. March Birthstone – March ’16 Trend


GoodyBeads | Blog: Memory Wire Inspired Jewelry Examples

  1. Cork Cord and Wood Beads – March ’16 Trend
  2. Beachy Bright Czech Glass – July ’15 Trend
  3. Leather Wrap Bracelets – July ’15 Trend
  4. Czech Glass Memory Wire Bracelets – Oct ‘ 15 Trend
  5. February Birthstone – Feb ’16 Trend
  6. March Birthstone – March ’16 Trend
  7. Memory Wire Bracelets – Dec ’14 Trend
  8. Wrap Suede & Chain Bracelets – Nov ’15 Trend


2 thoughts on “GoodyBeads Inspiration: Memory Wire

  1. Do you have any live bead tutorials where a person could watch a project being done, then be given an opportunity to buy the supplies needed. I have a disability which makes’m it hard to do projects just with the written word. Thank you.

    1. Hello Jeanne. I am sorry we do not have a video at this time to show you. You can check our previous blog post with a visual tutorial on how to create wrap around bracelets HERE. If you have any questions, please do let us know. Thank you.

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