Get Started with Metal Stamping

A great addition to any jewelry or crafting project is metal stamping. Personalize a piece by stamping a specific name, inspirational quote, special date, sentiment, etc. There are a variety of fun, decorative designs for stamping, too, such as hearts, animals and flowers. The options are endless!

Take a look at our recommended metal stamping essentials to get you started with this exciting jewelry-making trend.

Our friend, Adrienne, from Happy Hour Projects, wrote an introduction to metal stamping and a tutorial on stamping for beginners. Her advice and instructions are easy to follow, so you can start stamping pieces right away. Check out her metal stamping tips.

Don’t feel intimidated by the thought of metal stamping. Once you learn the skill and develop your own technique, you’ll add it to all of your everyday jewelry making ideas. Make your next project meaningful and memorable with metal stamping.





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