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Watercolor Flat Leather Bracelets

Goody Beads has a fun collection of watercolor flat leather. With a touch of soft and vibrant hues and strokes of whimsical patterns, watercolor flat leather projects can be perfect for bright summer days ahead. Here are some inspiring bracelet designs you can do with watercolor flat leather.

Watercolor Double Rainbow Bracelet
GoodyBeads| Blog Watercolor Double Rainbow Flat Leather Bracelet

Have you seen a double rainbow before? I almost lost my head the first time I saw one; which would have literally been a bad idea since I was driving in traffic. To make this bracelet, I chose 5mm squares watercolor flat leather, because it reminds me of rainbows. A double wrap-around style would be prefect for my double rainbow-themed design.

What you will need:

  • (4) A008809 – 7mm Brass Jump Rings
  • (2) Z011513 – 5mm Brass Jump Ring
  • (15) CH00571 – 5mm Squares Water Color Flat Leather
  • (1) SW00665 – 6mm White Pearl
  • (1) Z006528 – 15mm Brass Lobster Claw
  • (1) TC00733 – Brass Key Charm
  • (1) TC00735 – Brass Heart Locket
  • (1) TC00547 – Brass Headpins

Because I wanted to show a different way to clasp a flat leather bracelet, use this alternative on your next flat leather project: first, cut the 5mm watercolor flat leather at twice the length of your wrist, and add 2-3 inches. Fold over each leather end about 1” and loop through a jump ring. Flatten the each jump ring using a serrated pliers, squeezing the leather together gently. Add another jump ring to each of the leather loops you’ve created. Add fun charms, or create a bead dangle to decorate your bracelet. Finish it off with a lobster claw and you are ready to wrap yourself in a watercolor double rainbow bracelet.

Crisscrossed Watercolor Bracelet
GoodyBeads| Blog Watercolor Crisscrossed Leather Bracelet
Here’s an interesting take on combining flat leathers.

What you will need:

  • (7) CH00043 – 5mm Tan/Black Flat Leather
  • (7) CH00577 – 5mm Blue Floral Flat Leather
  • (1) A015678 – Silver Fold Over Clasp
  • (2) A015700 – Silver Bar Slider
  • A015821 – Super New Glue

Take two same-length 5mm watercolor flat leather, glue both ends side by side into one side of the clasp. For this project we used a solid color flat leather to enhance the colors of the watercolor flat leather. Keeping the strands straight side by side, thread through the bar slider. Now, cross the watercolor leather over the solid color flat leather. Thread through the second bar slider and glue the ends to the other side of the clasp. Neat, huh?

Golden Watercolor Bracelet
GoodyBeads | Blog Golden Watercolor Bracelet
This Golden Watercolor Bracelet is simple yet packs a golden glow!

What you will need:

  • (6) CH00579 – 10mm Brushed Water Color Flat Leather
  • (1) Z001814 – Gold Double Bar Slider
  • (1) Z001318 – Gold Magnetic Buckle Clasp
  • A015821 – Super New Glue

After measuring your 10mm watercolor flat leather to your preferred wrist length, slide on the gold double bar and then glue the ends to its golden clasp. You can make this simple bracelet in less than a minute and it is sure to brighten your sunny outfit!


4 thoughts on “Watercolor Flat Leather Bracelets

    1. Hello Karen and thank you for viewing our Watercolor post! Our directions for each watercolor flat leather bracelet is in the blog content. Do let us know if you have any questions about them. Thank you!

    1. Hello Vicki. We are sorry that we are currently out of the silver bar slider. We do have the same bar slider in different color finishes in brass (A015701) and copper (A015702). If you would like the silver finish, I find that the Pointed Bar Slider (A015698) works well also.

      Thanks for your question and please let us know if you have anymore.

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