GoodyBeads | Blog: 1mm - 2mm round leather inspirational bracelets

GoodyBeads Inspiration: 1mm – 2mm Round Leather

Be inspired to use 1mm or 2mm leather cord in your next project! They are easy to measure and cut, and come in a large variety of colors. We have over 10 different bracelet ideas using these round leather cords. What will you create today? : Blog - bracelet ideas and examples using 1mm -2mm round leather cords.


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2 thoughts on “GoodyBeads Inspiration: 1mm – 2mm Round Leather

  1. Is there a tutorial or a list of quantities, etc for making this bracelet. LEather and Tube bracelet/ necklace?
    How much leather? How many tubes?

    1. Most of our leather cords are pre-cut to 1 meter or about 3 feet. This should be enough to create a 2 wrap bracelet. The white and gold bracelet has two strands of leather folded to create 4 strands of a double-wrap bracelet.

      You will have two strands of leather and fold the two in half and make a other hand knot to create a 1/2 inch loop. Slide on tubes on each of the four strands you’ve created. Slide on 3-5 for each strand. I would suggest you play with the amount you would like to add by laying it on your wrist. After you’ve added your tube beads, slide the 4 strands through the loop of your clasp and make a knot. Refer to this old blog post to help you knot leather. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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