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Easy Leather Bracelets – Summer Style

Love starting projects but can’t seem to finish them? Well, here is an easy project that you can make and wear within minutes! Making leather bracelets with flat leather and leather cord is so easy, you may end up making more than one in one sitting. It’s a perfect project for when you gather your girlfriends for a night in.

Flowery Flat Fabric Leather Bracelet:

Goody Beads Flowery Flat Leather Bracelet

To prep for summer, we chose a summery, flowery flat fabric leather paired with the half-circle clasp. Because the clasp is already a half circle, you only need 3.5” to 4” of 10mm flat leather. Glue both ends to each clasp end for a complete summer look.

Purple Sky Flat Leather Bracelet:

Goody Beads Purple Sky Flat Leather Bracelet

For this buckle clasp, use three 5mm flat leather or one 5mm and one 10mm flat leather. To keep in line with our summer look from our fabric bracelet, we chose a sky blue and deep purple. Cut three leather pieces identical to 7” (or to your wrist preference). Glue all three strand ends together to each clasp end. After a few minutes, you are ready to enjoy a new piece of summer jewelry!

Cobra Bracelet:

Goody Beads Cobra Round Leather Bracelet


For a unique statement bracelet, we chose this cobra snake clasp. Pair it with 5mm round leather cord, cut to approximately 15” long. Thread in the slider through both round leather ends to create a loop at the middle. Glue both ends to the other end of the clasp. After the glue dries, you are ready to show off your cobra bracelet.

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Tools and Supplies:


Flowery Flat Fabric Leather:

  • (4) CH00481 – 10mm Purple Daisy Flower Fabric Leather
  • (1) Z007209 – Half-Circle Magnetic Clasp

Purple Sky Flat Leather:

  • (1) A017215 – Silver Leopard Print Buckle Clasp
  • (7) CH00254 – 5mm Violet Flat Leather
  • (14) CH00423 – 5mm Turquoise Flat Cork Cord

Cobra Bracelet:

  • (1) Z007641 – Snake Hook Clasp
  • (1) A015611 – Slice Spacer
  • (15) CH00558 – 5mm Round Cream Cork Cord

5 thoughts on “Easy Leather Bracelets – Summer Style

  1. I have repeatedly tried to get into your website. I enter required information, but am denied entry. Please tell me how to place an order.

  2. I would love to try making these leather bracelets, but am allergic to super glue. Can you recommend an alternative?


    1. Hello Linda. When using super glue or adhesive, we advise that you use them in a well ventilated area. Sometimes the fumes may cause an allergic reaction when inhaled. You may want to consult with your doctor for information on your allergic reaction and if there are any alternatives to super glue, i.e. tacky glue, e-6000, epoxy glue, etc. Thank you.

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