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Using Swarovski® Flat Back Crystals

We just got some NEW Swarovski® flat backs crystals to play with. We love the subtle sparkle they brings to trending minimalist jewelry. Here are a few projects that use flat back crystals.

To get started, we recommend these tools to help you start BLINGING your jewelry with Swarovski flat back crystals:

  1. Adhesive: Check our Adhesive page for options. Fast-drying glue are ideal for quick placements of flat backs. When you are covering a larger area, we recommend using E-6000 as you still have time to adjust the flat backs when it has been placed. Please keep in mind when using adhesives, to make sure you are in a well-ventilated area.
  2. Pick Tools/Tweezers: Because Swarovski crystals are small, pick tools will help to accurately place your flat backs. We recommended handling them by using a BeadSmith® Magic Pick or a Crystal Kanata. Tweezers will also help with adjusting your crystals once they have been placed.

Emerald Bangle and Earring Blog | Using Swarovski Flat Back - Emerald Bangle and Studs


For this simple bangle, it consists of flat memory wire with Round Silver Flat Memory Wire Finding (A021628) with 7mm flat back crystal studs. First, cut one round of the flat memory wire with a memory wire cutter. Slide on the flat findings and hold it in place while you add your adhesive and flat back crystals. When you have finished gluing all your flat back crystals and it has dried, glue on a Flat Memory Wire End Cap to both ends of the memory wire.

For these stud earrings, we also used 7mm Swarovski crystals. Glue crystals onto Flat Post Earrings and you have simple, crystal studs to glam up your ears!


Tierra Cast® Bezel Earrings Blog | Using Swarovski Flat Back - Capri Earrings

TierraCast® has bezel charms that accommodate the 7mm Swarovski flat back crystals. These bezel charms are available in a selection of finishes and are perfect for showcasing the color of crystals you want to use. We used the bright rhodium bezel with a vibrant Capri Blue crystal in this pair of earrings.


Gold and Red Earrings Blog | Using Swarovski Flat Back - Red Gold Earrings


Flat backs are a versatile jewelry embellishment because you can adhere them to charms and even jewelry findings. For these earrings, we used 3mm flat back crystals to embellish the top two rows of these Chandelier Earrings. Adding an inch of gold chain to the bottom rows with a jump ring and you have yourself a boho-style earring.

There are endless possibilities for flat backs. Flat back are easy to use as an embellishment to charms, jewelry, and even everyday items around the house, such as your tape dispenser or thumbtacks. Add Swarovski flat back crystals to your phone case, wallet, or couture clothing! Even nail artists, uses flat backs for a 3D design. How will you use it?

Emerald Bangle

  • WR00119 – Large Silver Flat Bracelet Memory Wire
  • A021628 – Round Silver Flat Memory Wire Finding
  • SW01249 – 7mm Swarovski Emerald Flat Back

Emerald Stud

  • A015178 – Silver Plated Flat Post Earrings
  • SW01249 – 7mm Swarovski Emerald Flat Back

TierraCast Bezel Earrings

  • TC02098 – 16mm Bright Rhodium Beaded Bezel Charm
  • SW01217 – 7mm Swarovski Capri Flat Back
  • A002413 – 4mm Jump Ring

Gold and Red Earrings

  • A010238 – 35mm Cold Chandelier Earring
  • SW01266 – 3mm Swarovski Light Siam Flat Back
  • A014109 – Gold Plated French Wire Earrings
  • A011517 – 4mm Gold Plated Jump Ring
  • A008191 – 4mm Gold Plated Cable Chain Link



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  1. My wife’s birthday is coming up in about a month so I thought I should start thinking of a gift I could get her. I want to get her some jewelry but I’m not too sure what kind or style yet. I liked hearing that, “There are endless possibilities for flat backs.” My sister is really good at making bracelets, maybe she can help me make one and use some of these crystals too? Thanks for the idea!

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