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Swarovski® Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry makes a classic, customized gift for the special people in your life, from girlfriends, mothers and grandmothers to yourself.

We are using radiant Swarovski® crystals to represent birthstone colors. Below is a chart of birth months and its Swarovski® birthstone colors. What color represents you? Blog | Swarovski Birthstone Chart

We have created some subtle yet personalized pieces of birthstone jewelry that are easy to make and customizable to fit your birthstone preference.

Sapphire Ring: Blog | Sapphire Birthstone Ring

Our sapphire ring, which represents September birthdays, is an easy, minute project. Consisting of two components, a ring base and a 14mm Swarovski® rivoli crystal, and your choice of adhesive, you can wear this ring within minutes!

Emerald Tier Earrings: Blog | Emerald Tier Birthstone Earrings

With our earrings, we are showing fun and different ways to use connector pieces. Using the simple wire headpin loop with Swarovski® crystals, links of chain and a 2-to-1 connector, these earrings are prefect as trending statement jewelry.

Swarovski Bali Bracelet Blog | Swarovski Bali Birthstone Bracelet

This bracelet is ideal for combining different birthstones into one jewelry piece. It’s a gift best for a mother with family birthstone colors or for a grandmother with grandkid’s birthstone colors. Accented with Bali scroll beads and tubes, this bracelet holds a sturdy shape and fun/sentimental design.


Sapphire Ring:

Emerald Tier Earrings:

Swarovski Bali Bracelet:

  • (1) A007303 – 0.015 Beading Wire
  • (1) A003577 – Shepherd’s Hook
  • (2) A004830 – 2mm Crimp Tubes
  • (2) A021472 – 45mm Silver Plated Bali Curved Tube Bead
  • (8) A021117 – 8mm Silver Plated Bali Circle Bead Cap
  • (1) SW00027 – 8mm Siam Crystal
  • (1) SW00062 – 8mm Emerald Crystal
  • (1) SW00074 – 8mm Sapphire Crystal
  • (1) SW00042 – 8mm Topaz Crystal
  • (9) SB00640 – 6/0 Metal Seed Bead

2 thoughts on “Swarovski® Birthstone Jewelry

    1. Hello Janet and thank you for your comment. Below our post is supply information on the components needed for the Swarovski Bali bracelet. You will use the beading wire to string on your beads and crimp tubes. Please refer to the blog image to help with sequence. Loop the ends to the jump ring on the A003577- Shepherd’s Hook jump rings and crimp it off with a crimping pliers like FTTL0003.

      Please let us know if you have anymore questions. Happy Beading!

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