GoodyBeads | Blog: Pantone Color of the Year 2017 Greenery

Pantone Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

Pantone® Color of the Year for 2017 goes to Greenery. This yellow-green hue is “nature’s neutral.” While it resembles the awakening of spring and the new life the season brings, it also plays a part to represent “the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.”


Colors that can be used to closely resemble the Greenery colors are lime green, peridot and chartreuse. Find out how we transform this color into jewelry pieces for 2017.

GoodyBeads | Blog: Pantone Color of the Year Greenery - Necklace

We used this lime green cabochon (A016880) and adhered it to a Kabela filigree circle center (Z007181). We even pulled this beaded chain (CH00288) that mimics the hues of Greenery.


GoodyBeads | Blog: Pantone Color of the Year Greenery - Bracelet

We’ve offset the bright green color with earthly bronze and brown beads (A017137) to show-off the vibrancy of the green (A005377) in this stretch bracelet.


GoodyBeads | Blog: Pantone Color of the Year Greenery - Earrings with Swarovski® Tribal Cross Pendant

The sheen in this green miracle bead (A014932) is paired with the new cross tribe crystal pendant from Swarovski® (SW01518) for a long drop pair of earrings.


GoodyBeads | Blog: Pantone Color of the Year Greenery - Earrings of sewn seed beads around Groovy bead frame.

These chartreuse seed beads (SB00078) are sewn with size 11/0 galvanized silver seed beads (SB00422) around a drop groovy bead frame (Z019397) to create these simple pair of earrings.


How will you show off Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery?


17 thoughts on “Pantone Color of the Year 2017: Greenery

  1. This color of the year is not attractive to my eye. I might use just a few beads with fuschia, or hot pink, lor with royal blue or navy.

    It is for the warm palette complexion and will pale and sour the cool based complexion. It is unfortunate that the color will primarily mix with warm toned beads limiting my use of it. Reminds me of lime green which is not appealing to my eye either.

    1. I agree that having different colors to offset the yellow-green hue can lessen the color and possibly help neutralize it. That can be said for a lot of colors. That said, I find that Greenery surely gives a hint of POP to a mix of colors.
      Thanks Barbara and we love your suggestions!
      – So Vang

  2. LOVE this color! I will be buying beads and such (after we get out from under all the snow). I see a bracelet, necklace and earring set for spring! Like BUNCH OF SPRING FLOWERS. I think I just maned the set

  3. This color does absolutely nothing for me. I can see it with navy and royal blue, and also white beads but I don’t plan on using this as a staple bead in my designs.

    1. Thank you Pat. It is certainly a color that represents more than just its hue but a message of spring and renewal.

  4. I Love this color. It just makes me smile. It is a happy color. I make my own glass beads and make beads this color.

  5. Go to Pantone’s website and look at the actual Color of the Year. You will find that it is not such an objectionable color. I think , unfortunately, that the Goody Beads blog does not show the color in the best “light.” It is more or a spring green than a lime green and is really lovely.

  6. Just back from a visit to the site. Greenery is a GLORIOUS color! Hard to say why the blog photos don’t do it justice by half! But they don’t! Burgeoning buds, luscious leafy green, new grass, new life! it’s all in Pantone’s 2017 choice! They weren’t crazy, like i thought they were.
    Eating humble pie. yum, yum.

    1. 1. With your needle and thread anchor your end to the bead frame by sewing in one of the holes and out. Make a two knots are you are ready. Preferably at the point of the bead frame.
      2. Pick up an 11/0 seed bead and sew down through next hole.
      3. Sew up through next hole, pick up one seed bead and sew back one hole.
      4. Sew back up through next hole, pick up a seed bead and sew through next hole.
      (You will be sewing back and forth through holes so that there is a seed bead between each hole.)
      5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’ve gone all the way around and added 18 size 11/0 seed bead.
      6. Sew up and out of the bead frame and sew through an existing 11/0 seed bead.
      7. Pick up a size 8/0 seed bead and sew through next 11/0 seed bead.
      8. Repeat step 7, 16 more times.
      9. Once you’ve reach the top of the bead frame, you will pick up three size 8/0 seed bead and sew through next 11/0 seed bead.
      10. Make sure the three seed beads lay in a triangular position. Tie off and sew through a few beads before cutting off excess.
      11. Open a jump ring and slide through top seed bead and through loop of your earwire. Close jump ring.
      12. Repeat all steps for other earring.

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