GoodyBeads | Blog: Statement Necklaces just in time for New Year's!

New Year’s Statement Necklaces

Glam up your New Year’s Eve party with your favorite dress, dancing shoes and statement necklace. We have a few fashion trend necklaces sure to turn heads before the ball drops!


GoodyBeads | Blog: Statement Necklace - Turquoise Isle Bib Necklace made with Miyuki Seed Beads, Czech Daggers and bib connectors.
Designed by So Vang

Make this iconic bib necklace from our Sept ’16 trend. Create this stunning necklace with our free tutorial, a bold bib connector, seed beads and Czech dagger beads.


GoodyBeads | Blog: statement necklace with suede tassel, end caps and silver-plated chain.
Designed by Heidi Urlaub

From our May ’16 Boho Fringe and Tassel Jewelry trend, these statement necklaces are made with various lengths of microfiber suede cords inserted into end caps, then attached to chain. Rock this statement piece with a sassy dress or pair of your favorite jeans


GoodyBeads | Blog: Statement Necklace with Jesse James bead collection at GoodyBeads and bib connectors, chain, feather charms and leather cord.
Designed by Tory Vezina

Tease your fun side with a statement necklace donned with Jesse James beads from our Dec ’16 trend. Create this statement necklace with the Cabin by the Lake Mix, chain, bib connectors and feather charms. Finish it up with leather cord and you can get on with the partying!


GoodyBeads | Blog: Statement Necklace with wire wrapping Swarovski Pearls strung on gold-plated chain.
Designed by So Vang

Check out this waterfall necklace from our June ‘16 Birthstone Trend. This statement necklace has Swarovski® pearls linked together by wire wrapping each dangle and attaching each dangle to the gold-plated necklace with jump rings.


GoodyBeads | Blog: Gold and Czech Fire Polished Emerald on Chain Maille Statement Necklace
Designed by So Vang

Make statement necklaces simple by draping Czech fire polish glass bead dangles across some elegant chain maille (CH00736/CH00737), like this necklace from our May ’16 Birthstone Trend.


GoodyBeads | Blog: Siam Czech glass beads and Chinese crystal makes this brass statement necklace.
Designed by So Vang

From our July ’16 Birthstone Trend, this statement necklace has the perfect hues for the festive holidays. Headpins are strung with Czech fire polish beads, through Textured Large Oval Links (CH00738/CH00739) and teardrop Chinese crystals.


GoodyBeads | Blog: Dakota Gemstone Pendants Statement Necklace
Designed by So Vang

Let these Dakota Stone Gemstone Pendants (Nov ’16 Trend) create the ultimate focal statement necklace. Simply string one of these pendants with small round beads to separate the stunning sets and add your favorite chain to complete a necklace you can wear year ‘round!


GoodyBeads | Blog: Seed beads and bugle beads makes this stunning statement necklace
Designed by Heidi Urlaub

Seed beads and bugle beads makes this stunning statement necklace from our Dec ’15 Fringe Trend. Find the tutorial to this necklace here.

15 thoughts on “New Year’s Statement Necklaces

  1. I can’t find the instructions for the bolo fringe necklace by Heidi Urlaub. Will you please direct me to the instuctions? Thank you.

  2. Where can I find the instructions on the necklace that uses the Jesse James, Cabin by the lake mix. Also uses feather charms. Its created by Tory Vezina.

    1. There aren’t instructions, but I can surely help assist in that. Slide on beads and spacers accordingly to the image on your headpin and make simple loops. Chain should be cut at 1/4″ (2), 1″ (2), 1 1/2″ (2), and 1 3/4″. Make the necessary connection with the chain and its dangle piece. Use the 4mm jump rings to connect dangles to the bib connector, spacing it at every other hole loop. Leather cord is tied to the ends of the bib connectors with silver from the Jesse James mix. Clasp acccordingly to your preference. Wear it long or add a clasp for a shorter necklace.

      Items you will need are:
      Z010269 (6)

      1. Thank you so much for the instructions. Can you tell me what the metal bibs and the chains are made of? There are so many allergies out there. Thanks

          1. If they do tarnish, you can use a dry cloth to gently wipe the tarnish off. You can also use a polishing cloth to help wipe tarnish and rejuvenate the shine. A002371 is the polishing cloth we sell.

    1. Hello Debbie,

      To make the Gemstone necklace, string the gemstone set with 3mm or 4mm gold-plated round beads in between each pendant and to the ends of the pendant set. Crimp each end to a 6″ flat Curb Chain with crimp tubes. Crimp over the crimp tubes with matching gold-plated crimp covers. Learn about crimp covers here. Add jump rings and clasp of your choice to the ends of your curb chain.

      I hope this was helpful.

  3. Thanks again for your help. I dont know anything about crimp tubes or covers. Will you tell me which to use on my Gemstone necklace?

  4. I found some earrings 7 or 8 from the blog pages. It uses 8&10mm pendulum beads and tierra cast bars. What size bars should I order. It’s called New Years Swaroviski earrings. Thank You for all your help.

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