GoodyBeads | Blog: Celestial Jewelry Trend - Zodiac, Moon and Stars

Celestial Wonders Jewelry Trend: Moon and Stars

Late 2016, celestial-inspired jewelry was making a rise in fashion popularity. Embrace some moon and star jewelry to vamp up your glorious fashionable wardrobe.


Moon and Star Earrings


GoodyBeads | Blog: Moon and Star Earrings - Celestial theme
Designed by Tory Vezina

Take a trip around the moon as you bedazzle yourself with these simplistic link earrings. Use some glass connectors with some lovely moon and star charms for easy-to-wear earrings.

Products used: A008998, A021746,  CH00533Y011877, Y011543Z007856


Zodiac Celestial Layer Necklace – Cancer

GoodyBeads | Blog: Celestial Zodiac Layer Necklace with Cancer charm and Swarovski bezel charm.
Designed by Heidi Urlaub

Make this celestial layer necklace with your zodiac charm, moon and star charms, and TierraCast® rhodium pewter charm with Swarovski crystals.

Products used: TC02109, TC00056, TC00055, TC02211A002413, TC00185, TC02292, A011609, A003562, TC00033.


Star Lariat Necklace

GoodyBeads | Blog: Star Lariat Necklace
Designed by So Vang

We can’t get enough of lariat necklaces. We made a chain lariat necklace by using a 24” chain and attaching a filigree washer link to one end and star charms to the other. Loop the lariat around your neck and slide the charm end through your link for a sleek necklace that is out of this world!

Products used: A008128, Z006771, A002413, A007691, A014042.


Moon & Star Wrap Bracelet Kit with Swarovski® Crystals

GoodyBeads | Blog: Moon Star Bracelet Kit
Designed by Tory Vezina

Another great project to make is an easy bracelet kit like our Moon & Star wrap bracelet. Embellished with moon and star charms, Swarovski star crystals and dainty miracle beads, you are ready to conjure up some magical fashion wear!

Product used: KT00115

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