GoodyBeads Inspiration: Fiber and Ribbons

Fiber jewelry is a trending fashion. Take a look at some fiber jewelry GoodyBeads have created in past blogs and trends.


GoodyBeads | Blog: The use of silk ribbon, fiber cord and vergata ribbon in jewelry.


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  2. True Blue Denim Designs – June ’16 Trend
  3. Fiber Bracelets – Oct ’16 Trend
  4. Feathers – June ’16 Trend
  5. Back to School Metal Stamping – Aug ’15 Trend
  6. Coastal Charm – Jan ’17 Trend
  7. Folding Silk Ribbon to Make Fiber Earrings and Necklace – Sept ’16 Blog
  8. Fiber Bracelets – Oct ’16 Trend


GoodyBeads | Blog: The use of silk ribbon, fiber cord and vergata ribbon in jewelry.


  1. Fiber Jewelry Designs
  2. Fiber Jewelry Designs
  3. Fiber Jewelry Designs
  4. Vendor Spotlight: TierraCast – March ’16 Trend
  5. Coastal Beauty – Jan ’16 Trend
  6. Clay and Cord Jewelry – Oct ’15 Trend
  7. Glitzy Gemstones – Aug ’16 Trend
  8. How to Use Silk Ribbon in Jewelry – March ’16 Trend


3 thoughts on “GoodyBeads Inspiration: Fiber and Ribbons

  1. I spent over an hour enjoying the selection of $58 worth of sale items . When I started to enter CC information my shopping bag etc disappeared. I would still like those items. Something happened when I could n’t remember the PayPal password and decided it was faster going back to CC rather than set up a duplicate PPaccount. Well, the program said if you don’t play like we want you can’t have all those pretty beads.
    Well Big Ad Program your hurting some High Schho Graduates that would have had a special present for 4 hard years of work!
    Can you still find it???

    1. Hello Katri. We do have a order for you in our system. Our Customers Service team will contact you. Thank you.

  2. Wow !!! This is soo beautifull, was going through your blog and saw this post, really amazing and unique !!!, the images are just so attractive , specially the 8th image with those earings, love itt !!! great going and keep posting like this , we want more posts

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