| Blog: How to Make a Wrap Bracelet with Illustrated Tutorial

How to Make Wrap Bracelets with Illustrated Tutorial

Leather wrap bracelets is a trending favorite to spice up a boho outfit or rock out to a head-banging concert or add to a casual outing with your girlfriends. Wrap bracelets are a must-have for 2016. We will show you how to make wrap bracelets with illustrated tutorial that you can download.

They may look difficult to make, but after a few attempts, they are honestly easy to make. We will show you a tutorial on how to make these bracelets using one-hole beads and super duo beads, as well as a few tips and tricks to help you make these wrap bracelets.

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Preciosa Crystals and Pearls: Wedding Jewelry

June is known for wedding days with tiered cakes, delicious finger foods and of course, the beautiful bride coming down the aisle. From choosing bridesmaids dresses to the color of reception napkins, everything can and will be perfect. Cut back on a little expense by making beautiful wedding jewelry of your own or for the bride with Preciosa crystals and pearls. About half the cost of Swarovski ®, they give off an elegant look without the price.