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Easy Elastic Bracelet Tutorial

Remember when you were young and made stretchy elastic bracelets with a store-bought DIY kit of colorful beads and letters? Fast forward 10-20 years and let’s take that idea up a notch with a grown-up mentality of elastic bracelets. We love the concept of elastic bracelets because they are easy to make, inexpensive, and if you aren’t crimping the elastic, there are no tools needed.

Elastic Bracelets are simple to create, comfortable to wear and convenient: just slip them on and off! Elastic bracelets are the perfect jewelry piece for people with arthritis or those who have difficulty hooking on clasps with one hand. Layering different elastic bracelets is very on trend and bohemian looking.

We have two easy tutorials on how to finish your very own elastic bracelet.

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Preciosa Crystals and Pearls: Wedding Jewelry

June is known for wedding days with tiered cakes, delicious finger foods and of course, the beautiful bride coming down the aisle. From choosing bridesmaids dresses to the color of reception napkins, everything can and will be perfect. Cut back on a little expense by making beautiful wedding jewelry of your own or for the bride with Preciosa crystals and pearls. About half the cost of Swarovski ®, they give off an elegant look without the price.