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How to Make Bead Pens

Bead pens are easy to design and make a wonderful gifts. Spruce up your workstation with an ornately-beaded pen or give a teacher, office co-worker, or special friend a pen they’ll surely swoon over.

Bead pens have three separate pieces: a base, a mandrel, and a cap (shown below).

Goody Beads Pen Pen Component

To assemble your pen and design, first twist the shorter threads of the mandrel into the bead pen itself. Apply beads to the mandrel (approximately a space of 2.5”) as desired. Beads and spacers will need a 2mm or larger bead hole diameter to fit onto the mandrel. Tip: The beads and spacers that are labeled “Large Hole” will fit bead pen mandrels. Lastly, once you have decorated your mandrel with beads and spacers, complete it by attaching the pen cap to the top of the mandrel.

If you find that the beads and spacers are spinning after placing the cap on, add another spacer or bead to fill any gaps. If the gap is not wide enough for a bead or spacer, add a Rubber O-ring at the top or bottom of your beads. This will help secure the beads in place.

We have compiled 5 bead pen designs for your inspiration:

Blacken Wood
Goody Beads Blacken Wood Bead Pen
Our Blacken Wood pen has African-inspired bone beads with carved designs and a matte finish. It embodies both a rich and natural beauty.


Copper Swirls
Goody Beads Copper Swirl Bead Pen
Our Copper Swirls pen represents mesmerizing and whimsical nostalgia. It holds one of our 44mm oval large hole lampwork beads, accented with large-hole gemstone beads and silver spacers.


Berry Sparkle
Goody Beads Berry Sparkle Bead Pen
Our Berry Sparkle pen is the perfect pen to glam up your office space! This pen features a pink 2” long furnace-glass tube that is accented with two metal spacers.


Silver Smoke
Goody Beads Silver Smoke Bead Pen
Our Silver Smoke pen features a sophisticated and clean look, and it’s easy to carry in your handbag. We have used our large-hole Swarovski® beads for a gradient caramel look.


Green Floral 
Goody Beads Green Floral Bead Pen
Best for those green-thumb lovers out there, our Green Floral bead pen uses our ready-made bead pen sets. Bead pen sets are fast and ready to use for your bead pen projects. Bead pen not included with bead pen set.



Black Wood:

  • (1) A001205 – Black Bead Pen
  • (4) A013787 – 10mm Rondelle Bone Bead
  • (2) A013794 – 12mm Rondelle Bone Bead
  • (2) A013798 – Stripes and Dots Bone Bead
  • (3) A004654 – 12mm Bone Bead

Copper Swirls:

  • (1) Bead Pen
  • (1) A013522 – 44mm White Black with Gold Foil Oval
  • (2) A007188 – Bali Rondelle Spacer
  • (2) GS00507 – Pyrite Gemstone Rondelle Large Hole Beads

Berry Sparkle:

  • (1) A011243 – Berry Bead Pen
  • (2) A007188 – Bali Rondelle Spacer
  • (1) A005263 – Pink Two-Inch Furnace Glass Bead

Silver Smoke:

  • (1) A001625 – Silver Bead Pen
  • (1) A002899 – Swarovski® Crystal Rondelle
  • (1) A002900 – Swarovski® Silver Shadow Rondelle
  • (2) A002898 – Swarovski® Golden Shadow Rondelle
  • (1) A003196 – Swarovski® Copper Rondelle

Green Floral:

  • (1) A001427 – Green Bead Pen
  • (1) Z004631 – Pink and Green Bead Set
  • (1) A018030 – Rubber O-Rings for Bead Pens

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    1. Our Bead Pens are designed specifically for adding beads to as it has a mandrel to add the beads to. So yes, you will need to get these particular pen if you would like to make your own.

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