Holiday Bead Pens

Bead pens are a sentimental and personable gift the gift-receiver will love and use forever. We have a few holiday-inspired bead pens that you can make and gift this holiday season.


Lampwork Tube Bead Pen


We took this gorgeous lampwork tube bead (Z007050) and reamed the hole with a bead reamer (A002370) wide enough to slide onto the mandrel of the bead pen. Then added some beads around to accent this focal lampwork bead.

Products used: A001625, Z003707, A001180, Z003212, Z007050.


Lampwork and Aluminum Bead Pen


Diamond cut aluminum beads definitely has a vintage holiday vibe to it. Thus, we have added it to this red bead pen with lampwork beads.

Products used: A001201Z003707A004370, A004679.


Beaded Bead Pen

Another different addition to bead pens are beaded beads. We dug up some old beaded beads and accented this gold bead pen with it’s hint of blues, golds and whites. We added some TierraCast spacers, white lampwork beads and a fancy, shiny silver bead to the middle.

Products used: Z001285A008703, TC01303, A015666.

Beaded bead made with MiniDuos, size 10/0 Czech Round Beads,  SuperDuos and Beading thread.



3 thoughts on “Holiday Bead Pens

  1. Hi: I love these beaded beads! Do you supply a tutorial on how to make them.
    I see that they are created from duo and super duo beads, but not instructions.
    Thanks so much.

    1. Hello Harriet. Unfortunately we don’t have a print instruction for the beaded beads yet, but I can certainly type it out here without illustrated instructions.

      1. String on beading thread 12 superduo beads. Leave a 6 inch tail and tie the two thread ends together to create a ring of superduos. You will see that every other superduo will flare out. This is the middle section of your beaded bead.
      2. Sew out to one side of the ring, through the second hole of a super duo. Pick up a size 11(s11) and miniduo (MD) and another size 11. Sew through the next superduo on their side of your beaded bead. Repeat 5 more times around.
      3. You will then sew through a s11 and an MD. Then sew up to the other hole of that MD. Pick up a s11 and sew through the next MD. Repeat until you’ve made the half section of your beaded bead.
      4. Sew through your layers of beads to other end of your beaded bead and repeat steps 2 and three to complete your beaded bead.

      I hope these instructions helped. Let me know if you have more questions. Thank you.
      – So Vang

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