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Hello all beading enthusiasts, lovers of handmade jewelry, and hobbyists of all kinds!

We at the Goody Beads Blog, are happy you’ve taken time to stop by and discover what’s great about beading. Our plan is to share our beading projects, stories and experiences with you – and hopefully, you’ll be an eager audience!

If you’re looking for helpful resources to start or complete a beading project, we’ll be happy to teach and guide you. If you have a question, it’s likely we’ve thought of it too. We look forward to the next big trend and enjoy creating that next piece in a collection or copying admired jewelry worn by a celebrities. We beaders and hobbyists are always pondering our next project!

The Goody Beads Blog will hopefully motivate and inspire you. Our themes and ideas are intended to spark your curiosity and creativity! So flex those fingers, dust those beads and tools, and join us on our bead blogging journey.

10 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Thank you for your interest in our blog and patterns. Yes, you can certainly share them with your friends and family. Please do reference us when you do so and let us know how it goes. Send us pictures here or on our Facebook page. We would love to see them!

  1. Can I use your patterns to make and sell on Esty, if I give you the credit for the design and supplies? Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your question. Yes, you can use our patterns to make finished products to sell; however, our patterns are not to be sold. It would be great if you reference our blog, design and supplies. Please share your inspired pieces with us. We would love to see them too! Thank you again and happy beading!

  2. Here is my problem with your site. If I see an item you have displayed, I am unable to find a list of the items needed or any instruction on how to make them. I tried going through every month listed but didn’t find the item pictured. I would appreciate help in finding the items needed for projects pictured, how do I do that? Carol

    1. Hello Carol. We are currently working to revise our website to have a webpage to display our jewelry pieces and provide component lists and instructions. It does require time as we have hundreds of products with thousands of components to work on setting up. We appreciate your concern and will be working on a solution to alleviate the frustration. In the meantime, we ask that you take a screen shot of a jewelry you’ve seen and send your questions to our customer service team at customerservice@goodybeads.com. They will be able to help your further. Thank you Carol.

  3. Looking for a bracelet to hold magnetic charms my grandkids made. WhAt is the diameter of the magnetic charms that fit your bracelets? Thank you

  4. I am interested in the Xuron Shear on the current email. I am looking for a specific model, however and I have had good Xuron and bad Xuron shears. Please let me know if this is their number 9180 shear? Thank you!

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